Idea for new FLEX structure

A FLEX structure placeable in HI Sec asteroid moon belts if you Own the Refinary that emits a EMP wave that pushes/tempory disables player ships. The Idea this effect being annoying rather than destructive. The Refinary owner than can give permission to the FLEX structure for a player ship to be exempt from the FLEX structures effect i.e Mining Permits with an actual consequence.


Definitely not.

Only if when you hit a non suspect or criminal player the Flex structure and refinery get a criminal flag

Pro tip: money you want dump into fuel new structure change to payment for mercenary corp that will protect your moon ore if you cant do it on your own.

This is actually a really good idea.

It gives smaller corps time to figure out a response fleet and helps getting rid of people they can’t possibly deal with by hurting their ISK per hour. It would allow (at least relative) territorial control without actually implementing any code for it, beyond the EMP itself.

And this guy.

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I have to agree, this is the best idea regarding this issue I have heard yet.

Anyone that doesn’t want a flex structure on grid, declare war and knock it down. It doesn’t have to be super hard to kill. That makes mining “thieves” add some skin to the game.


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Problem is if you are at war and attack it they can disable an entire fleet with it.
Hell no -1

  1. With new structure you can simply stun any attacking force.
  2. Even if it will be limited to work only on mining ships you will end up with thieves in rokhs or any other ship.
  3. You stun orca and what? You will be stunning it 24/h boarding refinery wasting fuel, charges whatever?

Simplest solution is to make ore from moon chunks personal item. Like wrecks, cans etc. bound to corporation owned refinery. So any neutral mining them will get suspect timer.

The effect can be restricted to mining equipment only, solving your problem. Alternatively could a “space bump” still work either way.

You guys can’t just bring arguments before you thought them through.
Obviously there needs to be a sensible cycle timer so it can’t just be used continuously!

Moved to Player Features & Ideas.

lol, a high sec device that disables other ships


Only mining equipment. If your not a miner you have nothing to worry about. :wink:

Although I have not heard how this would effect mining drones.

Right so you set one of these up and dominate a high sec ice field and the other players have no counter.

It’s an act of aggression, the result would have to be CONCORD :skull: :rofl:

It would be tied to a refinery, but I think your idea would be much more fun!

Anyway one of the basic design premises is AOE = Banned in Empire Space.

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