FOB NPC gankers ambush at stations

(Daoden) #21

I was referring to the regular sites null runs 24/7

(Myrradah) #22

Its stupid, annoying, and serves no purpose but to screw people that dont want anything to do with an alliance. BOT killing also, but i prefer to kill those tards on my own.
Cant even mine in a belt…to make ships to replace the ships this crap idea blows up.

Im not undocking a carrier to have a chance at killin them. They should not be insta kill on the ships we have and provide a fighting chance. No a fighting chance it not a carrier. Thats jsut wanting to get dropped on a station by the blue donut. So yay for them but screw everyone else.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #23

InB4 gankers complaining about having PVe forced on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nicolai Serkanner) #24

Let’s hope so.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #25

go away

(Nana Skalski) #26

They are rarely in the systems where bots operate, and I dont think it matters much overall. This was clearly in something other in mind. Possibly to add content to the game. Just like resource wars.

(Elyham) #27

The good thing is that FOB is being expanded soon for a more immersive gameplay experience. FOB rats will engage ice belts if in system, player deadspace mission pockets, and any other spawn/scanned section of space.

In addition if there are more than one person in any of those areas the FOB rats will spawn an appropriate additional amount to compensate for player engagement.

There is some really good enhancements going on these days. Love it.

(Peter Yurgin) #28


They are aggressive and will stay. They do attack structures.

(Daichi Yamato) #29


(Chan'aar) #30

This again?

Where exactly has CCP said this? Show me the Dev Blog, the Dev post, the news release, the youtube video?

Without proof your words are nothing.

(Elyham) #31

A bear against progress.

(Nana Skalski) #32

Your claims come without proof.

Giv proof!

(Elyham) #33

Best content in 7 years and ungrateful folks want to complain and give CCP a hard time. The nerve.

(Chan'aar) #34

Nope, I’m quite happy with FOB’s, I can kill them if I want (and have) or I can avoid them. I have no complaints about FOB’s.

If CCP want to expand their capabilities thats fine, I have no issue with it.

I have issues with people posting complete crap, scaremongering. You are simply trolling.

Show me the proof.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #35

Like, the ONLY thing keeping this game from becoming your personal litterbox? I don’t think so.

Without CONCORD they would have to make all gates and stations simply refuse -10s. But that might be a good trade now that I think about it.

You want to go there?

(Dracvlad) #36

They do destroy pods as I said at the start of this thread:

(Buoytender Bob) #37

Looking at the NPC billboards, it appears that their targeting of capsules is somewhat or sometimes delayed; several instances that a ship’s corresponding capsule was destroyed up to 2 minutes later (although there are cases of both being destroyed in the same minute). However, the ratio of ship destruction to pod destruction is so high that I suspect many of the pod kills are from afk,AP, or bot errors. While I am sure that people have lost their pods despite being vigilant, it appears that there is some sort of reduction in aggression when targeting pods.

(Ronnie Rose) #38

Next thing, CCP will introduce NPC gate campers…in HISEC!