Focused Rorq / Nyx Super Pilot

I am for sale

Some Nice Long Train Skills Already Done

  • T2 Heavy Fighters
  • T2 Indy Core

Start 25b

NPC Corp
Positive Wallet

Buyout: 32b
Reserve 30
Lets see where this goes

23 bil

24b looking to buy today though (US central time)

both offers are below starting bid so will only be taken as free bumps

Willing to do 25 mainly because of my interest to have the character available tomorrow.

25b Taken as starter bid reserve not hit yet

25.5bn, ready

26B @Indecent_Congress


27.0 b

27.50 bn

Adding a Buyout and reserve if buyout not reached today then toon sale will be withdrawn

Retracting Toon Sale as Lack of Bids heading toward reserve or buyout

@Indecent_Congress the reason the bids are not going anywhere near your reserve is that your asking/buyouts are too high. Your toon is neither a perfect super pilot nor is it anywhere close to being a perfect rorqual pilot. I would have to purchase about 7b in injectors to fix your toon alone. It is a shame that you are taking this toon down, but asking for 1.2b isk / 1m sp trained is too high.

^, yes bids have been very competitive and already include a decent premium on the isk/sp, but what’s being asked is quite high. Good luck o/

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