Food for thought - Flipping burgers in the stations

Yeah, so I spent a long time away from eve pondering what I wanted eve to become. I had so many spaceships blown up in PVP and PVE that I thought maybe I should be flipping burgers in the station instead. I think Eve should have a mini game in the station that allows you to cook recipes and flip burgers. Think of working for the food corporation and getting a good recipe that boosts your training time for one hour. Think of getting a rare recipe.

Then PI was a big deal for me, I loved it. Planetary interface a farm and protect it. I want NPCs to work for me and protect my farm and factories then feed them, sure it adds to the cost but look at the prices inflating anyways. Think of the shooting game you could play just trying to take a factory and send goods from the warehouse up to space. I would train hunters and let them kill dinosaurs for meat, taking just slivers of meat with level 1 in butchering. Then I’d buy a fishing boat and send it down on a ocean planet to get the right recipe for sushi. After my hunters train, I’m going to get some raids going in low sec and try to raid someone’s PI. I know many of you are thinking how crazy it would be and how prices will go up, but think of the fun you can have training new troops or slaves and keeping them well fed.

Another thing I want to get off my chest is how these games should help other players who have friends who play earn more money by selling plex. Make it fair for guys like me who have a disability and can’t work. I could bond in for $100 and get plex monthly and sell them for a profit. Here’s a crazy cool idea I had. Make pull tabs in a deck of 25 pieces, the pull tabs where you can win money. Then take that pull tab and make at least 4 out of 5 worth something. One pull tab could have 20 plex in it, one might have a pre-fit ship with gear already on it. One could have a set of items. Put pictures of the spaceships on the back of the cards to make people think they are getting that ship. Have 1 in 100 have a purple loot item. You get the picture. You could have an electronic version of this in the game, and have a system to where loyal players can help sell these plexes to the community. Some might even use it for fundraising for charity. Give us a loyalty system where we are VIP status for being bonded, give us a price of $15 per plex and we sell them for $25, or $1 a piece if we open the cards. Then we can offer a deal and give it to them for $20. Make putting money into the machine fun. For VIP level 2 and 3 make the non winning cards redeemable for them, maybe they will buy them back for $1. Give VIP 2 and 3 some free plex if they’re bonded and selling many.

Eve was my dream game back in the early 2000s and I still look at it like I’m dreaming. Thanks guys for playing with me, and reading my content.

Station spinning is not enough CCP.

We demand plenetary interaction like it was first advertised, with wars, combat, population management and such.

Ah, finally a good use for all those frozen corpses.

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Aren’t they waiting for reprocessing service being upgraded to handle biomass?

I can’t stop thinking about how cool it would be to wear a fireshield belt and go down on a lava planet with high level of skill, kill all kinds of strange lava monsters.

Buy a fishing ship at the cost of a Frigate, then fish with a net, or set out disco crab cages that make mating music happen in the depths. Pull out some good ass seafood so that guy flipping burgers in the station can work for me and make something from my blueprint copy, or recipe license copy. I’d cosign then to make some sushi rolls. 10% learning boost per hour. Or I’d get a megacyte sandwich with peanut butter and jelly, to help with your mining boost. Eel soup to help bolster leadership modules.

Orbital bombardment of PI installations would be great! :sunglasses:

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Just remember that means you activate pvp in a high sec environment and can be engaged by players. I would love it because high sec will give you pirate status if you loot people’s bases often in high sec. Imagine being able to attack a barren planet that has level 5+ npcs guarding it, them being fed premium food like it’s blue loot that drops. Lookout those guys be dropping salmon burgers. I would love sending down a team in my rifter, then watching the whole fight like it’s E sports. with an AI generated attack.

I would love if Eve paid for Frank Herbert’s license and have a Dune planet. Then have the spice be used in drugs. I thought drugs were going to help your training queue. Eve could beat the people making the current DUNE MMO, or they could get them to help make a version for the new Eve dust. Imagine hunting around for spice and you have to fight waves of people and avoid being eaten by a worm.

I can imagine taking a Large group of marines to the planetary base by dropping them off in a station nearby. You can give the Marines a rank and skill individually but bind them together in a group if they are all the same rank. I imagine you could send them to a populated planet on missions and not think about them for an hour or two then return and they will be in the station. If your doing PI then make it to where they can teleport in to the station under attack to defend it.

–Chef Gadget


Imagine if everyone spouting their nonsense online spent £1 to charity instead. We’d have a new superpower emerging in the world.

the donation would go to someone’s pocked and spent on PLEX :confused:

Gotta keep 'em out of Drifter hands somehow.

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