Foreman Pack is missing the Orca ship

In reality players love to buy ships over the internet since nearly 2 decades - Make it possible within CCP, many thanks dear devs.

Foreman Pack | EVE Online

Foreman pack has plex. Use plex to buy the ships.

It ought to include a mining permit, too.


Don´t be a cheapo, those are just 10mill and good for a whole year.

Hard pass. The only ships that aren’t made by players in the game are like ventures and other career agent stuff, and it should stay that way.

And maybe some Society of Conscious Thought ships.

For the price of this pack, this orca better have a “pack in this belt and teleport to jita” button.

how much isk is 1500 plex? 3.45b…thats enough for a fully fitted orca and porpoise (and maybe a BS and injector/some isk left over) dont need an orca in the pack its literally already there

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