Forget Hulkageddon 🤣

We need Gilageddon to “encourage” use of the new Abyssal features :blush:

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One can see a potential issue here: Gilas are much harder to kill than Hulks, and are often tanked to resist large amounts of DPS.

Gilas also fight back, although this could be mitigated with large groups.

They do give ‘shiny’ loot though.

I can assure you the friendly neighbourhood CODE. is already on it!

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A solo gila in a PvE fit is not hard to kill.

But it seems that the Initiative are now on you, this is going to be fun to watch. Goodbye to your Fortizars…. :smile:

Niarja fort :slight_smile:

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Fortizars >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gilas

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Just leave pvp to the big boys


The Abyss event was a Gilageddon.
You could bet that every 5-15 minutes another death would show up on the killboard.
Imagine all the losses that don’t have their API info on the killboard.

Even CODE cant stop the Gila infestation.

Gila, floating everlasting evidence that damage application is unbalanced. Why worry about neutron tracking and range when you can lob medium drones and light missiles ten times as far and hit almost anything with nearly battleship dps?

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