Former CCP Devs Craft New PC Game

Not an iota, but I know where I would want the game to go.

Medieval sandbox setting:

it has a Princess (a runaway nun) doing evil stuff by city gate camping and raiding quarries and waylaying travelers in the dense, dark and smelly medieval forests. There’s also a notoriously powerful group of brigands from the far North called The Go’ons Horde, wearing yellow and black striped outfits and banners, who attack the lands, claim the castles and steal the women, and ruin other people’s day by liberating them from oppression, claiming that “Max Plei is the only right way to “Pax Dei” if you want to stay.” They also appear to be looking for some fabled artifact, a Holy Veil or Grail or Snail, they’re not even sure, and thus become victorious over their sworn enemies, the Gobbins Federation. They have invested huge amounts of gold and silver in infiltration, spying and sabotaging while establishing vast armies to create and hold their empire.

Occasionally there is a Pandemic Witch Hunt event in the settlements. In response, the vulgus offers all its possessions to their feudal and religious overlords, and that is how renting property and donations become fashionable for centuries, making the rich erm rich.
Research is done in the workshops of the monasteries. The monks sell blueprint copies.
Horses cannot be fitted. They come in three variaties: light, heavy and war.

The hunt is on for the recently introduced coconut shells, which appear to have something to do with traveling.
The game’s official language will be Latin for subscribers with important roles, grunting for the constitutional peasantry, which is most players, and managementese for the devs.

Career Opportunities:
There are job openings for Junior Inquisitors at entry level. Previous assistance in witch hunting is a plus. The salary will include a free copy of the first edition of Malleus Maleficarum with many handy tips and tricks for the DIY approach.
The search for his new Holiness continues. Applicants must at least have reached level 5 in Chastity, Sanctification and Beatification.


Currently trending on the Market: salted pork, covert broomsticks (tier2), Coconut Shells (tier1) and Questioner’s Pair of Tongs. The price for wooden buckets has crashed because of new players flooding the market. We forecast that all alchemical ingredients will soon become pricier, due to the next expansion, which will be the Secrets of the Bel’hazaar, introducing high risk research into transmutation of elements.


“According to Steam DB, “Pax Dei” has a chance of getting Easy Anti-Cheat and Epic Online Services.”
– that alone gives me pause on any excitement for the game. I’ll take a wait-and-see approach to see how it goes.
There’s a lot of pitalls for these sort of games, and New World did a good job of avoiding the obvious ones, and hitting every single non-obvious one – from the lacking end game, to the end-game crafting being locked behind copious ammounts of low-level material farming (the thought was 10 lowbies per high level char…which worked for a few months as people leveled…and then fell flat when the high level chars outnumbered the low level chars 50 to 1). I am curious as to how this will go, and what the core gameplay loops will look like.

On another note, I miss Perpetuum, at least, how it was before it died.
It was Eve, except with robots and on a 2-d plane on a planet, and they made a very interesting twist on mining that made that activity very engaging and quite hard to bot.

You know, that’s not a bad pitch, Wadiest. I could get behind it, even throw some of my pension at the (momentarily) non-existent devs.

At the very least, you could fashion it into a ‘player fiction’ tale, heralded by the discovery of (yet) another Gate, one which flung capsuleers far backwards in time and, strangely, required them both to be and to create much of the content. An idea quite refreshing in its novelty…


There are a lot of pitfalls for all games, it seems to me. They take so long to develop that it’s difficult for the process to take account of major and incremental changes in gamer-taste and expectations along the way.

I think Starfield was a good example of this; there was simply no way it could live up to the hype, given the broad spectrum of anticipatory desires - and, of course, they were forced aggressively to patch it. They are still doing that, it seems.

I did take a leaf out of the book of @Posh_Wynoa_Spice. I waited several months before buying Far Cry 6 (but thoroughly enjoyed it).

For the record, I still play Skyrim through, about every couple of years… How did they get that so right?

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Every band has that one album that was a masterpiece.

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Apparently, churches also function as Waypoints. Religion seems to have a role within the game, so perhaps Amarrians will find it cosy (if they find time to get up off their knees and actually play). Still, how odd.

Aka CCP Scarpia, worked on second genesis ccg and eve conquests

I cant find anything else either

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CCP Games should sue the developers of Pax Dei.

Thanks, @Qia_Kare, @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras, for your input. I was just curious to know which former CCP devs had jumped ship to continue their careers in this way. Perhaps it doesn’t matter after all.

Why, Dryson? Suing costs money and is a bit of a gamble anyway. Besides, the Pax Dei devs are, themselves, Icelandic and Finnish, so they’ll probably know well how to side-step any litigation!

Perhaps, rather than sue them, they should - you know - see what they could learn to do better/differently? But then, I suppose, the litigation might travel in the other direction. Fun and games…

It mattered because you were curious and satisfying your curiosity mattered enough to me to look for a means to satisfy it. You’re welcome, of course, but I already knew you’d appreciate it or I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble.


Because Pax Dei has taken comments and suggestions from the player base, such as not learning skill books, to base their game foundation on.

idk, I’ve red FAQ yesterday and found this:

“…Mysteries and clues will be found by examining the world, finding notes, and researching discarded books or artifacts…”

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Hi Dryson, you write the above in response to my scepticism about the likelihood of a successful attempt by CCP at litigation.

I presume that, by ‘the player base’, you mean the EVE player base (Pax Dei doesn’t have one yet).

I don’t think the Pax Dei devs need worry too much. They will have left CCP with some experience under their belts and, probably, some sort of NDA which clearly doesn’t include concrete suggestions from the potential influences you mention.

The collection and incorporation of comments and suggestions gleaned from a public source (the EVE Online public Forum) will be difficult to prosecute, I would think.

That CCP hasn’t thought most of them worthy of pursuing in terms of game development doesn’t bar others from having a go.

If CCP does spot something clearly derivative, perhaps they’ll consider suing. I’ll wait and see.

It looks nothing like eve or any game they’ve brought out, so even though its former devs, i dont see how you think ccp could habe litigation.

Besides, they all have other stuff to worry about with volcanoes

Hi Geo, I was replying to Dryson Bennington, who seemed to be suggesting that CCP should haul the Pax Dei devs before the Court. It looked weak and speculative to me, and I hope I made that clear.

I agree with you, that CCP likely have more important things on their minds just now. Did you slip into German there (‘habe’)?

Didnt mean to reply to you if i did, i meant as a reply to dryson. I fat finger the letters on my phone. “Have/habe” lol

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Nice, you remind me of old school films like Conan the barbarian, Red Sonja, Beastmaster, and the Might and magic universe.

Might and Magic

If they can make it immersive where there is travel and you have to rest and build camp and secure an area.

There is a lot of content they can draw from in a medievil world with witches an warlocks.

Also, I liked Xena Warrior princess when I was young, I have rewatched it twice over the years, and there is another show by Ted Raimi “The Seeker”? cant remember the title but the women are very pretty and the storyline is very much like Xena.

Maybe I’m playing the wrong games but there does need to be more focus on the fantasy medevil world, and this seems to be a good start.

I’d think there would need to be some sort of skilling or leveling;


I’d expect Ironmongery will be part of this and skilling may involve being able to forge different weapons like broad sword or short sword, they could even copy the style of a real life swordsman,

From the PCGamer article:

“We’re hoping to build a world that we can all live in together for decades to come,” says Gunnarsson. “And we take, of course, inspiration from the timelines and longevity of MMOs like EVE and World of Warcraft—both games that are now beyond their first two decades of live operations. That’s something that we absolutely aspired to with Pax Dei.”

This is quite an ambitious undertaking, because their main competitor is possibly the Ashes of Creation, which has been in development for a very long time and has some big kickstarter supporter promises to deliver.

If Pax Dei is to be successful, the devs would want to have systems like the marking system for the magic casters in game that allows them to mark allowed regions/locations into a rune that can later be added to a runebook and to later to teleport to that location, or even open portals for multiple players in the party/raid. What I emphasize here is “marking”. Opening portals to default locations is prevalent in many MMORPGs. But, imagine going through a portal to land inside a very deep area of a dungeon you haven’t even heard of with the help of friends, or to a distant mountaintop, where there are unique fauna and among them there is a rare spawning horse or a mount that you can tame to ride or put it into a contract and sell.

Wouldn’t that be exciting? It doesn’t have to be a direct copy of UO, but it can be a game which takes the best part of UO and EVE(game mechanicswise) and innovate it into a result of best of both games.

Or, the Amarr have figured out a way to time travel and have gone back in time to Old Earth to teach the past about New Eden so that the Amarr would have the upper hand.

If the Caldari hadn’t enaged in High Sec ganking to force Amarr to travel back in time, then all of problems associated with the present in New Eden wouldn’t be happening.

We need to find the location of the Amarrian time portal and use it for own purposes of either going back in time to stop the Amarr or emerge from the time portal a few months before the Eve Gate collapses to warn the early settlers of New Eden about the Eve Gate collapsing.

I want Eve Online to be a legacy, not a sandbox all of the pu$$y cats come to scratch in and leave nothing but waste behind.

In order to gain access to Pax Dei, you would have collect time decryptors from wormholes and And Trif space, you turn them in and get an access code for Pax Dei.

Cheers CCP.