Former CCP Devs Craft New PC Game

‘Pax Dei’ is being touted as a sandbox MMO with a difference; or, perhaps, many differences. There’s an interesting taster article and review at PC Gamer, here.

The bait (for me) was the mention of ‘CCP Alumni’ among the devs. I read the blurb but couldn’t find out who they were. Perhaps they’ll be a little less shy after the game enters Early Access on June 18th.

The theme appears to be medieval (haven’t we enough of those already…?), but I’m very interested in what former CCP devs decided to do differently once outside the design prison in which they’d been previously confined.

Time will tell; but I bought-in anyway. Impulsive, I am.

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EvE Online in a medieval setting :yawning_face:

Probably, Harmonia. One of the problems I have with EVE is the (as I see it) monotony of space visuals. There’s not a lot to see. The designers do their best with colours and textures, but in the end it is, after all, space. I should mention that I’ve played Star Citizen, Starfield, the X Series, Elite Dangerous - but none of them is quite like EVE.

Sometimes I just want to play a game with, you know, landscapes, homes, shops, forges. It might be nice to have some aspects of EVE but in an earthbound setting.


It can get boring to always be in an environment made out of space backdrop but I think the devs are doing their best to keep it interesting.

I have both those games. I got bored with X4 pretty quickly but somehow Elite manages to keep my attention.
What do you think of Star Citizen? I don’t imagine I will ever play it.

You might try Wurm Online. It has all of the things you mentioned and even PvP.
Manor Lord may be another you could be interested in.
Kinstrife looks promising but it hasn’t even hit Early Access yet.

In terms of interesting medieval sandbox PvPs it’s rather been slim picking since, like, forever.

They sure have all the buzzwords. Except the word “harsh”. That one was missing :smiley:

Don’t fret, I’m sure the players will drive that point home :wink:

I wouldn’t hold my breath for the next 4 years or so. The message from the (co)founders was that they attempted to re-imagine the MMO genre, not to iterate on the extra-ordinary features of EvE Online - which never was a mainstream game (hence not an option for present day development).

I keep going back to it. Also, I keep uninstalling it. It has improved greatly since I first played, but I still find it clunky (a bit like Starfield) to move around in.

I don’t pay attention to comments about its being a scam. I paid my money and accepted that I wasn’t paying for a finished product. It’s not as if it was a closely guarded secret.

So, SC is good but maybe not great. See if you can find some actual gameplay on YouTube.

Definitely. I’ve had more than my share of mediocre medieval-themed never-finished games. I think I rather need a breather.

One already needs a lot of imagination before being able to “re-imagine” anything and imagination doesn’t seem to be today’s devs forte.

Yes, Wadiest, I do get that. I was pointing out that to ‘iterate on the extra-ordinary features of EVE Online’ might not be as attractive a proposition to these devs as ditching said features, now that they had left the company.

It seems an ideal opportunity for them.

I’m done buying Early-Access or Never-Finished games since 2020. If it isn’t 100% finished I’m not swiping that card.

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I had that experience with Black Desert Online. I was one of the first to ‘invest’ in the game. It was a horrible experience. Now, it seems to be very popular, but I won’t go back there.

Judging by some AAA games, none of them is 100% finished, whether at launch or even thereafter. As Wadiest pointed out, we have to wait years for them to appear. When they do, they still have bugs and glitches.

EVE is no exception, of course.

I looked at literally one pic of that game and went “nope”.

I tend to stay away from AAA games. They’re usually hyped to the max ( with the help of gaming magazines for kickbacks ) to end up being no better and often worse than games from small studios.

I usually wait half a year before I buy a “finished” game, that gives the devs a chance to iron out all the kinks and gives me the chance to read players reviews.
Bugs and glitches are to be expected, but not for years after release. That is unacceptable.

Looks pretty good, I guess folks will buy/rent a horse and cart ingame to travel. Anyone know much about the Lore?

The former Eve developers I could find:

Reynir Hardarson, former CCP co-founder and creative director according to Crunchbase.
Pétur Örn Þórarinsson, former CCP game design director according to Polygon.


Taking bets on free-to-play right off the bat, or free-to-play within the first year…

Let’s wait and see if EVE Vanguard will fill that void for you. It just barely started and what is there looks really promising imho.

I personally have little time to play computer games :pensive: …so investing what’s is left of my spare time in completely different product is too much burden for me as of now.

I will stick with EVE:O …and EVE:V and see what will come out of it :slight_smile:

The Pax Dei is 99.99% inspired by Viva La Dirt League :sweat_smile:

I understand your position, Elinore. I’m now retired (though not inactive), with minimal family commitments. I can play as much or as little as I wish. In fact, though, retirement has allowed other hobbies to blossom, so that I actually game less and in a more focussed way.

I’m looking forward to Pax Dei. I’ve no great expectations of it, but am willing to give it a go.

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Yes, QG, they’re a bit coy about the consumer side of the financing model. Maybe a one-time up-front payment will be enough to start them off, with a F2P version for those wishing to dip their toes in the waters.

Subscriptions, though, are everywhere nowadays. One by one my perpetual licenses are being replaced with subscription services. A recent one doesn’t even allow monthly payments, only annual. Nice.

I still can’t imagine how will the completely player driven economy work. I might be a little not up to date but last I remember there were going to be no NPC quests - all money flow would be generated by player to player transactions. But no mention of currency - so lot’s of curencies or barter based economy?.

As I was trying to wrap my head around that and think how that would work I again arrived at the conclusion that a lot of in-game time would be required from players for this to work as intended - I mean to generate enough of content.