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So, I want to come back to Eve and been slowly doing it. If i drop a Fortizar in a NPC null system and open it as a market…how many of you clowns will shoot it…

There are a few systems I know that could really use some logistics love. But no point in bothering if it will jsut be shot at. And no, I hate alliances and dont want to join one.

Personally, I can’t do anything without getting shot at. I can’t jump through a gate without getting shot at. I can’t undock from a station without getting shot at. So, if it was me, sure, my Fortizar would be shot to Kingdom Come before it could even anchor. However, who knows, maybe you have better luck than me.

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A fortizar owned by a low count corp will likely become a target and get exploded, but YMMV

All of us.

you better think about it not joining an alliance or have the isk to back up the losses. :smiley:

You better stock a station in such a good system. This will cost you a lot less over time and people actually use stations because they cannot shut out from it.


Same boat. I would love to create my own little place in space, that has purpose and activity, but the way CCP has set it up is that solo players are out of luck for creating community hubs that connect people in new ways.

It’s zerg the alliance highway or be a killmail.


Nice idea, but someone will come and shoot it for sure.


IDK though. there are things going for ya, if you keep it out of sight out of mind, alt corp with no beef with major or small pirate alliance/corp, low traffic system where hardly anyone goes to anyway,

basically find a location that no one wants to be in and go there… maybe you got a chance at not getting shot at all :slight_smile:


Imagine if someone came to your home, and opened a shop in your backyard.

No asking for permission.

No warning.

No discussion or previous letter.

They just came, plopped down a wooden shack, and started selling things.

Wouldnt you call the cops? Wouldnt you want to get this weird guy, who you dont know, havent met before, and find really creepy and shady, off your lawn?

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Solonius, are you an NPC?

It’s only ‘your backyard’ because you got there first, and gained ‘squatter’s rights’. Eve being Eve, it’s perfectly reasonable that you be challenged over it.

Just because you live in npc space, doesnt mean you dont own the region. Just ask anyone living in stain regions. Or James 315.

Sure. But plopping down a fortizar in a single man corp is not “challening” anything. The OP is asking what would happen, and i told him what would happen.

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