Fortress : Supreme Upwell Structure

I got bored and wrote this for fun. Contribute replies with 1 snazzy feature title, and feature description.

A step above Keepstars, this is the definitive top of the line Upwell structure. Its strength is linked nearby upwell citadels. Its role is to boost other citadel performance , and in turn be boosted by them.

The core concept of this structure is provide regional boosts to other citadels, interdependence.

  • Removing other citadels in region will weaken it.

  • Removing it will weaken other citadels in region.

  • Its existence will start wars; its destruction will start wars.

Limit :

  • Limited to ONE per region and adjacent regions. No additional fortresses allowed in adjacent regions.
  • Each additional fortress in universe will reduce bonus of other fortresses. (50% for 2nd fortress, 33% for 3rd, etc.,.)
  • Unique look : One time re-skin of the fortress model by owning alliance design, CCP approved.

All Hail the King - Passive System Effect:

  • Trade hub Module : Increase system ansible limit +1 for each +1 fortizar in system. Capped at number of system in region.
  • Force projection Module : +1 LY range for jump drives in system, for each +1 keepstar/fortizar in system.
  • All for One : Each additional citadel in region increase +1% fortress physical size, sensor range, weapon range and shield hp,

For the People - Passive Region Wide Effect:

  • Rich get Richer : +1% effectiveness of ihub upgrades bonuses for each +1 fortizar/keepstar in region
  • Hand of Midas Module: Fortress serves as additional encounter surveillance system for the entire region.
  • One for All : +1% citadel sensor range, weapon range and shield hp, for each day Fortress is online.
  • Fog of war Module : Permanent scan inhibitor effect +1 km centered on each citadel, for each day Fortress is online

Active region wide effect : Each effect consumes fuel daily

  • Pick a Fight : +1 random wormhole effect on current and a target region.
  • Rainbow Bridge : jumps to/from Fortress system consumes 50% fuel for jump drive enabled ships.
  • Judgement Day : Log off timer does not decrease for 24 hours in region.
  • Hand of Judas : Disable reinforcement timer on one citadel in region.
  • Lock the doors : Jump drive range in region reduced to 0.1 LY.

Galaxy wide effect:

  • Learning to Share : Fuel consumption for fortress active effects +100% for each +1 fortress in galaxy.
  • There can be only One : Each fortress destroyed , will increase fortress bonus of alliances on kill mail by 365% for 365 days.
  • Blood in the Water : On fortress destruction, every station in the galaxy will lose damage cap for 24 hrs.
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Like a Palatine Keepstar, which already is a thing and which is only limited to one per universe at any given time, but which I believe hasn’t been constructed yet due to the difficulty of making one?

Another contribution to your list of bad ideas.

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I think the Palatine Keepstar hasn’t been built primarily because there is no benefit to having one. It is like a faction keepstar, but hundreds of times the cost.

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NOT like a Palatine, as that’s just a more expensive and no benefit as Xeux said.

The core concept of this structure is provide regional boosts to other citadels, interdependence.

I like the idea of interdependence but not the idea of power creep. Maybe reducing/eliminating sovereignty bonuses outside your capital constellation UNLESS you have one of these!

This does not solve a problem or enhance gameplay. Keepstars are more than enough. Some argue they are already too much. Providing regional boosts would be both OP and arbitrary along lines that don’t reflect player sov boundaries. You could easily have two in adjacent systems because of region lines and that’s BS. Even if this were at the constellation level, it would be too much. Even if it were a simply “system radius” it would still be both unnecessary with Keepstars being more than enough for what we need and OP.

The game does not need super super structures any more than it would need super super capitals.

Once again, your ideas are pure fantasy and belong in a children’s novel.

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Not sure how making boring structure grind even more boring will promote wars.

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Just because you say a thing doesn’t make it true.

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The destruction of the fortress will disable cloning for every member of the alliance. If they are podded before a new fortress can be built, permadeath.

Never underestimate the ePEEN :grin:

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