Forum achievements sign of EVE death or meta-emergent gameplay? A philosophical framework on the reality of EVE

No play all you like but if your idea of “play” is kneeling in the dirt begging the peasants to like you i think you need to find a new game :dealwithitparrot:

Everything to keep the crown :ok_hand:

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No one wants to play EvE so we all play the forums and reddit :frowning:

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Don’t know what you’re on but can I have some of it?

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I never cite sources when I get inspired, that way I can take all the credit myself. :wink: And hey, if CCP offers me my own subforum, I won’t refuse.

Oh dearest me, those “paragraphs” are far too big to just “fit in” without some “editing”. Let me just lick my finger and “thumb through it” real quick. And we really need to take “precautions” so your “addition” won’t “bloat” “my essay”. :innocent: After all, after last time I had to “leave the game” to “attend real life” for more than a year. :baby:

There’re no :naughty: ; :sexy: ; :innuendo: or :gettingcrappasttheradar: smilies? Damn, what a shame.

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And yet here you are, continuing to irradiate your conspiracies onto the forums. I guess I should pride myself on being out-Poe’d by the such a fine specimen as yourself.

This is actually a fair TL;DR. Only problem is that by putting my point succintly, you put others at risk of not getting the full meta-rational pseudo-experience from reading my OP.

:persevere: :tired_face::confounded::bowing_man:

These offer something for your fantasy. :grin:

Also, i really believe we need Dinsdale around here. He’s a thinker and thinks about things others don’t, if at all. Remember that many people are clueless about long-term business decisions (same for politics) and rather dismiss things as conspiracies, because it’s easier for them to deal with it.

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How come the name changed (again)?

And regarding Dinsdale: I did/do enjoy some of his posts, but when he always thinks CCP does the bidding of alleged nullsec masters, despite this often not being apparent or being blatently untrue; and that CSM should be controlled by some nullsec shadowy government oppressing the highsec vote despite any evidence; or as here, that the new forums should be pandering to players of CandyCrush or (As I read it) Pokemon Go, it really does get stale.
There’s nothing wrong with thinking or giving new or slightly out-there analyses or suggestions, but when the go-to response on a topic like this one is alleging that CCP is slavishly following the will of nullsec cartels and that the boards are pandering to entirely unrelated games, it’s not just outside the box thinking, it’s outside the realm of reality-thinking.

Even if CCP listens more to nullsec groups than their proportional memberships would indicate they need to, CCP often disappointes the nullsec leaders and commentators, repeatedly nerfs nullsec groups favourite toys and the boards have nothing to do with CandyCrush or Pokemon Go.

What changed?

Dinsdale isn’t completely off. i’ve been watching this for a long time and nullseccers are the new whales that bring CCP money. What i don’t know yet, is if CCP actually understand what they’re doing with this and the lasting negative consequences it had for EVE’s culture, and i wonder which of the possible futures will actually come true.

it was fascinating to learn that most decisions CCP makes are made for the long-term. it’s like politics.

I said it once, and I’ll repeat it now: The forums are the end-game content of EVE, and they have been free ever since alpha-clones became a thing. Liberate your minds, my fellow space-nerds! Forum achievements were just the beginning.
Like Prometheus, I am here to deliver the fire unto you, risking the wrath of Olympus. Please shower me in appreciation.

Its not the Eve devs. The software is Discourse and CCP just uses it, so be sure to send your thanks to the Discourse folks.

Seriously need to see why necromancy is becoming popular again.