Forum Competition: What's your income? (Let's encourage the noobs)

I figured this would be a fun competition.

Show us yours, and any goals if you have some!

The wallet has this new fun feature…It’s pretty easy to use if you understand its limitation.

It’s inaccurately called income but really it’s turnover. Income is the margin of the turnover. For instance if I have a margin of +10% then I earn ~2.7b every 30 days.

My current goal is a wallet of 3b AFTER fully loading all my factories/industry.

80b per day.
120b on a good one, but that usually happens on weekends.

You can say whatever you want, but this doesn’t work like that, but you’re welcome to screenshot it. I’m sure your multiboxing super-cap umbrella-safe roq’s are a winner. :slight_smile:

Says the guy running a 1 billion ISK loss, claiming he’ll make 4 billion 'soon’™…


If you don’t believe, I don’t really care. You’re nowhere near worth anything for me to care about your opinion, lmao


Like 0 ISK/h for years. But I always got lucky. Stockpiles of trash suddenly turned into expensive items when the meta changed, victims dropped expensive stuff, things fell off the truck… That sort of thing. Never had to do PvE for years.


I don’t have regular income.
What are you, a wage slave?


Feel free to elaborate for us noobs!

Probably head of a large alliance or something, has all his minions mining or doing high-end complexes, renting space, etc, and he pockets part of the earnings.

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Lol so cocky about pixel currency, do you use that line on chicks at clubs or bars?

“Hey come with me all these other dudes are so beneath me, I make around 120b ISK @Eve Online during a good weekend”

Woman: “ooooohhh take me baby”.


He wasn’t being cocky, just truthful, dude. Although Scoots in general is in a grumpy and/or megalomaniacal mood.

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Why does the focus have to be on income? I think it would be far more interesting to ask people how much isk they destroy per day.


How about words typed in the forums per day?


Well … for that there is zKill …
… but that ISK isn’t really destroyed.

It changed hands.

What’s being destroyed are minerals and other components required for building.

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1bn is $4. Congratulations you made 20bn or $80 on par with minimum wage in the west. I made 62 bn yesterday.

Any in game grind activity that makes less than 1bn phr is absurdly low. You should plex unless you are having fun dopamine hits.

There is a reason rmt’rs bot in this game, the in game grind is below worthless. The challenges requiring so little IQ that a simple script can out perform a human.

Sorry bro, but you have no clue.
It would read 0.12T
I mean over 100B it will be displayed as T
my corp mate’s had, like, 0.21T in the last 30 days. He does high value moon mining a few days a month.

i make 6 million but i spend 9 million
guess theyre gonna repossess my ships and implants


I’ve never seen a tn display in this game and I’ve 1.1tn of sell orders up which is listed as 1100 bn or it was before the new wallet change.

Only out of game tools list wealth as tn in my experience but I may be wrong.

I’m fairly confident scoot has a few tn, it is really not that hard.

There is 4 well founded super quick ways to get uber rich in eve.

  1. Bot (bannable)

  2. Find a good income grind like super ratting or rorq mining then multi box the ■■■■ out of it combining input broadcasting where needed. (Temp bannable).

  3. Be market smart, keep up to date with game changes and mumbling then invest in bottle necks. Be smart in other ways.

  4. Earn CCP pet status and get gifted wealth & info. (Hard to do nowadays, outside managing a large group of sub’d players).

James does not allow me to have isk.


Says the guy who doesnt understand how wallet calculates trade lol.

3 weeks ago I was running about 200million in my wallet after loading my pi factories.

Now I’m 1.7billion during pi and full industrial runs being stocked which represents a growth in my capital requirements. \o/

To the Plexer…I mean I guess. But the game is fun trying to do things in the game.