Forum gankers

It is the leftover from beer making, I believe. Strong, salty ummami (sp?) flavor. Like coffee, if you give it a chance it starts to taste good.

Yeah, when I visited Australia they made me try it. They told me it was some kind of yeast product - just like in the sci-fi stories where they grow their food in vats.

Yeah it’s yeast extract and also very rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s healthy. The oceania peeps have vegemite which is the same thing.

It has a sort of very intense strong beefy taste despite having no beef in it. It’s hard to describe.

You either love it, or hate it.

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Forum Ganking by CCP

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Nah bro. She supported homophobia, SA and bigotry :smiley: Then she slipped, got exposed and now she’s running.

She never has been. As for me, she lost all my regard when she ducked any sort of responsibility by throwing out the “I’m just a line member” excuse.

This my only char mate :smiley: Come find me :smiley:

I say this in all seriousness, there were no tactics or ploys. They simply exposed themselves as absolute trash pandas. Hence, they running :smiley:


This is great advice.

It is, and advice she has always blown off.

I’m not an RP snob by any means, but if you are going to do it, its important actually do it right LOL.

She fails to understand every time they break doctrine or basically just ignore their own protocols, how much it weakens public perception of them and their brand.

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Okay, I tried skimming through the thread to see what you were talking about, but gave up after a couple hundred posts. I just don’t feel like reading through a bunch of arguing right now. However, several people now have told me that Githany and Dravclad were in the wrong -and I am inclined to believe them. I also kind of think that I shouldn’t have said anything without investigating what happened for myself. But, that also kind of makes the lesson I learn from this be, “don’t give people the benefit of the doubt.” Which somehow seems like a bad lesson to learn.

I dunno.

I’m going to shut up now.

Nah you didn’t do anything wrong.

To be fair, its a ton of words to delve thru :smiley:

Ultimately they messed up because they are trying to base their alleged RL moral superiority and impose it upon fictional space pixels.

Also it seems they are fairly terrible people :smiley:

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Talking only about RP and not addressing anything other than RP… I have some sympathy for the AG RP because the game mechanics prevent AG RP from having any meaningful impact on gankers.

Someone said once that I’m just a ganker with a tritanium badge but in wormhole space, without CONCORD, I’m much… MUCH more. Wormhole space allows us to fully explore The Wormhole Police RP without game mechanics getting in the way.

I mean true but sometimes you just RP within those limits.

There’s tons of stuff they can do better LOL.

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Would be great if no local or concord. People want relative safety? Join a big alliance and do your mining or whatever in the middle of their empire.

This would be bad for the forums. :unamused:

Unfortunately, at least a few of the more offensive trolls (now gone) on any side of the coin were either very knowable about the game and could be very helpful to new players or could come up with a good idea that just got lost in the shouting.

If you think it’s bad now… :roll_eyes:

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The real issue ( unlike with the Wormhole Police ) is the difficulty of acting proactively. You guys in WP can just zonk whoever you like with impunity…whereas AG in highsec will face Concord if they proactively attack. And given that ganker ships are invariably cheap, there isn’t even a cost benefit to proactive AG.

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I don’t know how safe sov space is, but in highsec I’ve actually spent time guarding miners, as it is all but impossible to stop gankers getting into the highsec HQ system. In fact the safest highsec place for mining ( which I know but am not gonna say ) is nowhere near corp HQ.

I don’t have much but I’ll send it to you :slightly_smiling_face:

No need to be disappointed I’m just not going to make post in some pasts of this forum , due to the amount of locking that happens to my threads. My corp , I mean our corp still needs advertising and the help and info section’s are useful to all. I’ll still help people who feel frustrated because they don’t understand what’s happening to them in game when 20 cats pop them .

The help will extend to new players as always and null bears who seem to have troubles when in empire space.

My propaganda post will go to some other place where I have control .

Long live the resistance

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I never slip I am the Eliot Ness of eve.

And apparently just dramatic as now you are back?

Do you have no self-respect at all? You made a cry thread, rage quit and then came back in a few days?


You are sad bruv. Truly :smiley:


I read the 100 or so posts in the locked thread that id missed since my last visit. Got to say I agree with CCP Paragons comment in the lock post. The content was extremely disappointing. But i don’t think the people you think are responsible for the lock are the ones actually responsible.

Discussion of a players gender being different from their in game avatar has no place in the forums. Guys have girl avatars…….girls have guy avatars. We are all capsuleers and who we are in RL is our own goddamn business. Certain posters seem to have a bit of an obsession with bringing a certain players gender into discussion and when they are called out double down. And then the players calling them out for unacceptable are accused of derailing a thread like its some kind of tactic.

@Githany_Red perhaps if you really look objectively at what happened in that thread you will see that some capsuleers who are supposedly your “friends” are the ones doing the most damage.

Said it before and ill no doubt say it again as you continuously fail to grasp the concept. When you set yourself up as the face of an organisation or movement………when you post the propaganda……when you declare that space is safer and the game is better because your organisation is doing things…… Then you have to deal with the flip side of capsuleers in your organisation doing less than savoury things under your banner/flag or whatever. If you are going celebrate all the good things those players do (which you totally should) then you need to own their sh*t.

What we see however is posts about how successful certain pilots have been in stopping ganks. How great AG is as a result…… but when those same pilots are making comments about someone’s RL gender, coaching others how to change the wording of homophobic insults to be more veiled……they arnt AG’s problem. It stinks.


It was your own pilots that got the thread locked. Maybe you should be a bit more selective about who you associate with. Or if not at least be able to call them out when they cross a line instead of avoiding the issue.