Forume deading

It is fact.

Greater velocity of posts is limited to few frequent posters that indulge in constant bickering and nitpickings.

They are deading the forums and scarring away good content posters.

When you think the discusion is over, someone with defficiencies in selfesteem tries to bring down others to similar level, people oversize their egos to the point you think they will burst like baloons when you touch them, and they will explode verbally.

Sometimes kitty really wants a purrrrrrge.

CCP where are you?


Great points…what would CODE think? Please discuss…



I’m probably guilty of being a

But this thread makes me think of something else.

After the making villians of PvPers in the game because they don’t play the way some people want them to play and lobbying to change legitimate gameplay that way.

I really hope that sentiment has not now come to the forums because people don’t post the way some people want them to…

CCP have the EULA for the forums and ISD’s to moderate. Use the report feature. Block people you don’t want to hear from.


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For a new player the forums are really off-putting and obnoxious, I read (some of) it but it doesn’t exactly make me want to be part of that community. Online is a minefield anyway and other game forums have similar issues but the signal to noise ratio seems much lower here. It’s also obvious that there’s really just very few posters who create the bulk of the posts and threads, it’s like a micro cosmos of terribleness.

Would I have read the forums before starting to play the game I’d probably not have started at all. In fact I created a Reddit account purely for this reason, something I never needed to bother with before.


These Official Forums have been a toxic wasteland for quite a while now and no longer serve their intended purpose, all because CCP won’t enforce their own forum rules.

Most of them are probably busy posting on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.


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r/eve is vastly superior compared to these forums in pretty much every way

You just need to have some thick skin and approach it with the right attitude. (i.e. Not the entitled whiny attitude that you see so prevalently on these forums)

All eve players must have a voice on the forums. Those who abuse this are dealt with. But everyone must have a voice to start.


If only Mintchip were in charge, all would be well.


I agree, if they would ban you, anderson, drac, lucas, balos current alt and that noorian guy (or whatever his name was) we would have a so much less trolling and a healthier and less toxic forum environment.


Actually you and quite a few of your buddies would be first on the list, mainly because you’re usually the ones who start the crap first by making it personal, just like you did right now.

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You should call your internet space lawyer and see if charges can be pressed.


And you’re another one making it personal which proves the OP’s viewpoint.

Also you should check your facts first before posting, I’ve never posted anything in these forums about contacting a lawyer.

However since you’re so intent on trying to start a forum flame war with me, I’ll just report you to customer service for constant harassment and personal attacks.

So if somebody replies to you, you think it’s “personal”? You know this is a forum where you don’t even use your real name right…

I never said you had mentioned contacting lawyer before…not sure why you think that as I was clearly just teasing you…

Just a life tip: if you can’t deal with somebody making a little joke about you (see above) then the problem is you…


There is a little forum warning that says “You have replied to so and so X times, try someone else”, I usually take that advice. I think it comes up at 3.

My goal is to state or clarify my own opinion, not change someone else’s, and I don’t subscribe to the insecure “he who posts last wins” deal either which is the root of many post wars.


I usually have more important things to do than be the loudest complainer on an internet forum, so I like to make direct, to the point posts that voice my opinion without trying to start a fight. Just me though.

Well, according to my kids, those sites are where all the old people go. And most CCP devs are practically fossilized they’ve been around so long.

So it makes a weird kind of sense.

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The new interface and format is garbage.

Plus CODE.-tards are the new goons…

That is all.

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Calm down miner…


“Show me data”
“No, ■■■■ off”
“Sit down, kid”


“Buy a permit”

There. 90% of the forum members don’t even need to check in to respond.