Foundation Day Pack Update

Yesterday, we introduced the Foundation Day pack featuring the Wisdom of Gheinok booster. After listening to community feedback and consulting the CSM, we agree that the booster’s exclusivity tipped the balance unfavorably. This was not our intention, and we appreciate the passionate feedback we’ve received from you.

Effective immediately, the ‘Wisdom of Gheinok’ booster has been removed from the Foundation Day pack (however those who have already purchased the pack will not have the booster removed).

We value your input and continue to take your feedback seriously as it guides our decisions and helps shape the world of New Eden.


Glad to see this happen so quickly.

Thanks, all.

P.S. Don’t do it again, kthx


Thanks for getting this corrected real quick!

Focus on selling reasonable things, like cat ears!


gold ammo is bad - lets hope we dont see a repeat but thanks for quick backtrack on it.


Thank you for taking such quick action on rectifying this issue.

Next issue should be fixing the new booster packs for skill points so there at least on par with the old ones and not downgraded like they are now.,

That is really good to hear, thank you all for your effort and time in this. Let’s hope this prevents similar oopsies in the future.


Thank you CCP !

@Brisc_Rubal @Arsia_Elkin And thank you CSM, this team rocks !


Glad to see this got resolved so quickly, lets hope we don’t step on this rake again.



Thank you.

Glad to hear it.

I’m still disappointed that there apparently are no internal guidelines of ‘stuff CCP definitely should not do’ when it comes to these kind of things.

Why does CCP have to keep probing pay-to-win mechanics to see if the backlash isn’t to big, if they could monetize so many other things in the game that people are begging for? Structure skins, more ship skins, player customization, maybe some NES exclusive portrait backgrounds?

Please, monetize the cosmetic stuff, and let gameplay (like boosters and ships) stay out of your monetization.

Anyway, glad to see and end to this episode of trying to push the wrong monetization, but it isn’t enough to revert my decision.

I’m still out.

Maybe if CCP had some internal mechanics to make them stop doing stupid monetization I would trust them, but when it’s solely external reasons (player backlash), it’s only a matter of time before we get yet another episode like this.


Yes it was, otherwise why would you put it in. Glad to hear that you’ve gotten rid of it, however.


Now go back to giving us actual events where we can earn those boosters.

If you can’t tell, I’m still bent about no Hunt… we getting free Geckos in stead of your failure to deliver content?


And of course you absolutely did not realise this until this booster went on sale, yes? Nobody in CCP team recognised the problem and shared the insight “hey, this booster is overshot and introducing it will be another blow to our image”.

Of course it was your intention. Consistently, year after year, you have introduced different kinds of offers to deepen monetisation in this game. You do this with full premeditation, because it is not difficult to guess that Pearl Abyss expects exactly this from a subordinate entity.

It is good that you are withdrawing from further distribution of this booster. And thank you for that. But spare the disingenuous explanations, EVE Online players are not naive children who don’t grasp what’s going on. You’d better think twice about pushing such “deals” next time.


That’s because the marketing people conjuring up the packs, and apparently also the item creation people, don’t play the game. Or they are too afraid to speak up because “management” is bad.

Kudos to everyone who got this fixed so quickly.

Thank you for your speed and responsiveness. Much appreciated.

Thank you very much for this decision.

I’ll settle for dog or pig ears.


Very glad this has been pulled. But for the love of god please don’t let this be a situation where you just go:

“We hear you, we’ve pulled the item based on player/CSM feedback, oh but we’ll try it again in 6 months time and see if people are still upset”

Don’t bring golden ammo into the game. Give us more reasons to throw money at you for cosmetics, seriously. There are so many avenues for monetization that are just not being taken advantage of that do NOT affect actual gameplay or give an unfair advantage to credit card warriors.


I really want to know who at CCP thought this was a good idea to begin with. The entire community is up in arms about P2W and RL cash purchaseable benefits since CCP broke its promise not to sell SP from thin air (remember the “SP will always come from training”?) but someone keeps on slicing the salami and then ruefully backpaddles…


Thank god; I thought I was going to have to win Eve and stop earning millionpugs points.

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