FPS drop problem after launching the game

My EvE will usually suffer from heavy drop of fps for 10 minutes to 1 hour after launching the game.
The fps drops from 60 (and actually more) to less than 1.
The task manager indicates that when the drops happen, EvE consumes less power.
It also seems that my game gets fluid when the computer is hot. W H Y

I understand that the computer don’t want to get too hot, but then why would it stops slowing down at some point ?

EVE hates your PC and your PC hates you. Take it personally.

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I do.
I mean that’s the only logical explanation.

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What do you mean by “EvE consumes less power” ? Is that CPU cycles, Memory usage or something else ?

I see a drop in FPS when my memory is all in use and the system has to resort to swapping virtual memory, at which point the CPU usage reduces because something else is preventing it doing so much work.

By consuming less power I meant, energy consuption.
But yes CPU usage and graphic CPU usage (I assume it’s my graphic card) decrease.

It started 1 month ago I think.

If your task monitor allows it, check your disc usage and virtual memory usage when this occurs.

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