FPS drops over time

Hi guys, so I’ve been playing EVE on low to medium settings. I’m playing on a Windows 10 laptop in full screen mode and with dx9. I meet the minimum system requirements for the game, but not the recommended.

Normally, I’d be getting 45-50 FPS when first booting up the game. After some time or after doing certain activities, it would slog down to an unplayable 16-18 FPS and remain that way for the duration of the client’s uptime. Even if I avoid certain low FPS triggers (listed below), once triggered, the game will remain at 16-18 FPS. The only fix I’ve found to work is to restart the client, but the problem presents itself again after playing the game for some time.

Additional details as follows:

Workarounds I’ve tried which didn’t work:

  1. Switching from a 64-bit to a 32-bit client
  2. Enabling and disabling the resource cache option in the settings
  3. Lowering the graphics settings — oddly enough, this causes the frame rate to drop even more. I suspect tinkering with the settings will always have a negative effect on FPS unless the client is restarted.

Workarounds which have worked a bit:

  1. Switching from windowed to full screen mode boosted my FPS significantly, but still causes frame rate drops, which is why I still made this post.

Things that trigger FPS drops:

  1. Opening the ship fitting page
  2. Opening the marketplace page
  3. Going to Jita or any populated system
  4. Warping to a site with plenty of NPCs
  5. Alt-tabbing to desktop

Any advice?

Confirm, exactly the same for me. Except that switching from window to fullscreen dropped my FPS by half instead of increasing it. W520 Q2000M Nvidia with newest available drivers (2018).

I have the feeling the problem eased a little bit over the last patches (means it takes longer until unplayable values) but this can just be a sample bias.

Concrete example just now. Docked in a Citadel in Perimeter market window open, planet in background … smooth 60 FPS. Undock, fly to Jita, fly back, dock again. Same scenery/angles/zoom … max 54 FPS.

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Thanks for confirming this. I really hope CCP issues a fix soon, the game is becoming nigh unplayable. Having to restart the client every half an hour or so is a definite deal breaker.

I remember there was a third player mention this in the forum here, also on reddit. The problem with priority is, it will likely not be noticed by anybody with decent hardware reserves.

I filed a bug report for it, hopefully they do notice it.

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Yesterday‘s play session ran smooth without drop the first time in weeks. Lots of jumps (roundtrip: Perimeter, Dodixie, Amarr, Jita), docks, dock in Jita, hanging out at Jita 4-4 undock, Perimeter gate … back home, Full 60 FPS, even with multiple windows open.

Anyone can confirm its fixed? I can’t play much the next 2 weeks due to travel, so can’t test further now.

I can confirm its not fixed, it has gotten worse.

Im down from 165 fps to 60 after few mins of gameplay.

Maybe your’s is a different issue. The “resource leak” like FPS drop, which only started months ago after introducing the 64Bit client didn’t occur for me again so far … cross fingers.

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