Free Omega Status! Do this at once!

CCP You need to rekindle population rates, asap.

Tonight i noticed around 12000 people online in rookie chat, to the 18,000 online.
This is a huge issue, either everyone is hanging out in rookie chat (unlikely) or there the population rates are a much bigger situation then i thought.

With alt rates exceeding 65% You should be really worried.

by giving out 3 months of free time you will obtain huge benefits, especially if you do it for the right reasons.

By declaring a “thank you for being loyal customers” and giving our 3 months of free omega time you may obtain a significant amount of population back in eve. Eve if they come back during that time you may obtain some increased income rates, depending on how likely they are to buy plex to isk, and i they do that, you may retain them longer then the three month duration.

In worse case, you lose 3 months of omega status on the very low active accounts now which in base case is around a million USD, its very unlikely though it will be anywhere near this rate, but you will obtain so much from this move, infact, that note itself could be excellent pr for ccp to reconnect with the players that it lose showing it cares.

further more, if likely that players will return at least to a degree, which means healing for eve at least some. many players that may of left for reason like war dec - station camping may return to find it much better.

and then you have also proven to the active players you still care, your sorry for any mistakes, and you are here to make things right. at the very least its an investment, and in the very best situation a good one.

i cannot express how important it is for all new and old players to get this benefit.

Closed for trolling.