Freeport Doctrine, and Laws seem not matter in EvE anymore

I was under the impression, from my time both in null and in lowsec, that the freeport laws were basically sacrosanct, unbreakable. That while it is understood a corp/alliance has the absolute right to determine who does and does not dock at their stations, that any station set to public dock and Named “Free Port”, was just that. Whether in Null or Lowsec.

I bring this up because a worrying trend has begun to pop up across eve, both in lowsec and in some nullsecs, where smaller alliances and corps have recently gained space.

It seems that many of these corps are using the Free Port and public dock, in order to lure miners, industrialists, and freighters (jump and otherwise) to them, but once there they find out their docking rights have suddenly been restricted (usually while in warp or in jump), and the individual can now not dock and is met with a gank squad.

Sometime a ransom offer is made, but unfortunately because the trend became take the money and kill them anyway for the loot, No one takes a ransom seriously. (Another thing bad apples have screwed up in EvE). Even if it is being made seriously, you can;t expect the person to pay it while your shooting them, and they are not docked away from your weapons.

It’s eve no one is stupid enough to pay a ransom from people who just locked you out of a Free Port in order to gank you. Without them proving they will actually let you live by letting you dock. Its low and null, they cant go anywhere. And if they don’t pay you can gank them when they undock.

In any case, I see this as a serious danger to Nullsec and even lowsec Alliances who use Free ports to maintain their ADM (For Sov), and who charge monthly renter fees for neuts using their space (low and null) .

The Free Port Laws are Sacrosanct, because of the economic damage which could be done to Alliances that use them for the above purposes, when corps or alliances start using them as traps. Players do not know or care why, all they know is that these free Ports are now deathtraps and not Freeports. So they flee null and low and go back to highsec. Removing content for all of us.

Alliances and Corps which are using these Free Ports as these Gank traps need to be put to a stop. Before they cause irreparable damage to the reputations of the Other Free Port Holders. And diminish the game further for everyone.

At one point in time, I remember every single Corp or Alliance understood the reasons for this Doctrine on Free ports. It was the one thing we all agreed on. Free Ports are Neutral Ground, Like the Continental in John wick. If your in Teather range your safe. Long live the chase and all that good stuff.

If you Jump a Freighter to one, its safe. (Besides I mean really, Freighters stimulate your economy for your system and the region, ganking a Jump freighter is idiotic in Null and Low where you actually need the ■■■■ they carry on a regular basis and when your region gets a reputation for ganking these freighters, on the free ports, Your Corp/Alliance and everyone else in the region loses out, especially with the frakin idiotic industry changes.

Its just bad form, and Eve is Toxic enough as it is, with a dwindling player base every year for us as players to tolorate one more knife in the already dyeing game which will push people further from Nullsec and lowsec.

I mean do the math, You think thats 25k players online? No thats 25k accounts. 10k ish players and 15,000 alts. And it gets worse and worse every year because we as a community allow this ■■■■ to continue to happen.

EvE needs more players. Not less. So null sec alliances and lowsec peeps out there, gankers included, think about the future of the game you love, instead of how fun it is to think your clever in the short run, only to end up with no one to shoot at in the long run.

Everyone has a tolerance level. And the 500 to 1500 People who leave every year never to be replaced, says more then words ever could. its been a good 20 years. But I do not see the game lasting much longer if we as a community don’t change our actions and the way we think and play.

It’s time to build EvE back up and get people back. Instead of pushing people away with the toxic overload and back stabbing BS.

Just another once known and reliable rule, broken, and more players leaving. This ones not on CCP. This one, is on all of us.


You expect player made rules to be honored? If you are mad at falling for an obvious trap and want revenge, just go to war with their corp or alliance and kill their structures.

There are laws in EvE? What else did they forget to tell me?

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Hey bro unfortunately you are an acceptable loss in the eyes of the EVE online establishment if you stop playing.

Many have come before you and tried to speak out about various issues. But the establishment will not take any of them serious before its too late.

Thats all. Have a nice day

  1. I wasn’t ganked. I have just heard a lot of players complaining about these freeports lately.

  2. In every Nullsec Alliance I have been in which operated them, that rule is in fact sacrosanct. I mean Even Goonswarm corps honor the free port code in their space, so does Test, and Pandemic Legion.

You could say well thats them, and thats true. But when new players are being ganked left and right by this, its not a good experience and they leave because of the trickery.

I understand Eves learning curve in human depravity is deep and long, but come on everybody’s gotta have some kind of code or standard of honor they follow at some point.

Otherwise your just an animal. And if you will do it in a game like EvE, given the same circumstance in life youd do the exact same thing. Like an Animal.

Several psychological studies by Yale and Harvard and several others, have shown this to be the case. because it is the psychology of the person that allows such actions like that to take place. And your psychology is what it is. Your mind does not separate a game from reality in how you deal with issues and resolve problems. Note this applies specifically to games like “EvE” where it is 100% a choice to commit these acts and take these actions against others, because you can play the game without ever being a psycho and do everything in the game. The distinct choice to do psychotic things and unnatural things to most human “interaction” (or what is considered such by society) is deviant and requires you be a deviant in truth and actuality as a person, in order to do it.

Only the consequence you face does. And in Eve with no actual consequence (even in game 99% of the time).

If your a psycho, then in the real world given the opportunity to act with impunity, you would in fact be that same psycho and commit those same acts on people with the exact same justifications you would use in game. Because your psychology, is your psychology.

I mean have you read these forums? is is very clear that a very large portion of the player base should be in therapy, rather then playing a game that encourages their baser natures.

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Freeport laws?

I though the only law for freeports is to never put something there that you cannot afford to lose as these freeports exist to bait naive pilots who do not realise that access can and will be revoked at any time.

A bit like the ‘doubling ISK’ deal, which may work for small amounts but is definitely a scam if you risk anything big.


The usual arguments:

  • People will leave the game, and the game will die
  • The economy needs this mechanic and it is against enlightened self-interest to blow ■■■■ up
  • You may be a psychopath

None of these arguments have ever worked online with Eve players. They don’t believe people are leaving and never will, they believe blowing people up and betraying them makes them sign up for life, they don’t care about the economy, and they already know they are psychopaths, and the last thing a psychopath does is care.

The ones that are not psychopaths get off on role-playing as a psychopath.

Therefore, they will now double the number of fake freeports, and they will gank every jump freighter they see that isn’t blue.

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What laws ? The owner of a station can give or restrict access to anyone…corporations or individuals…whenever they like. There are posts on the forums about the ‘Freeport exploit’ going back some years…

This is just pure nonsense. Most people who’ve gotten past one week in Eve know that it is a dog eat dog game for those who like dog eat dog games. It is brutal, and unapologetically so. The history of Eve is full of major scams, backstabbing, intrigue, spying…and so on. People are no more ‘psychotic’ for playing this brutal style than they are for demolishing an opponent at a game of chess.

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Baited on a free structure…


What do you expec, the game is literally Psycho vs Psycho.

There is no LAW for freeports. This LAW is not enforced, not voted on, has no definable text, and is not equal across the board.

It is a custom. Like a culture among a group of people.

Customs/culture change among the players and what was considered normal BACK THEN can change dramatically in today’s EVE.

I would suggest OP take a social studies class to know what a law is. This is scary when people don’t know what a law is vs a custom/culture among a specific group of people.

Also, this OP has made other horrid posts on ganking/PVP, etc.

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HEY!! I not a psycho, ok. I’m a Miner!

You don’t know what you are talking about.


In a dystopia no rule or law goes beyond someone’s ability - or willingness - to enforce it…

–Counselor Gadget


Maybe. But she’s right in my view because I wouldn’t pay any ransom. I trying to play a game, not get racketeered.

You’ll pay, just like all the others.

I don’t think I’d ever state in advance what I’d do. It is best to keep a straight poker face.


Not in an alliance, or its member corps one lives out of NPC. Real basic there. That has been a “rule” since 2009.

Or…live the nomad life and live out of an orca. Git gud at WH travel advised for that. They can be like RV’s I am told. Never had the courage to try the orca base nomad life. Heard it has lots of fun and interesting moments though.