Freighter change idea - Panic Button

Can we get some sort of bastion/ panic module that when under attack (ganked) it can mitigate %75 of the damage for 60 seconds?

This will allow better trading in different regions and anyone that AFK’s can still be ganked.

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Assault damage controls should have probably been made for haulers and barges. But something like this should certainly come with a slower concord response or the ability for gankers to warp away from a target that suddenly becomes 4x more difficult to kill.

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No. There are already plenty of ways to haul your stuff and 100% avoid gankers. We don’t need to increase laziness with a hauler panic button.

Plus, it won’t work anyway. They can just get you to trigger it and then once it’s done cycling bring in the actual gank.


Okay, but only if it works like this. 50% to negate all damage for 30seconds, and 50% change to immediately and irrevocably biomass the toon and leave the freighter floating in space.

If that doesn’t work for you, perhaps you should try using existing risk management strategies like not overloading your freighters with too much value and using intel tools like eve gatecamp check.

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Using the button should just delete your EVE account and hardware ban you from ever accessing EVE again.

With the new changes coming to industry it feels like more freighters will be required to move stuff around HS, gankers have it far too easy to throw away a 3m ISK ship on a 2B ISK freighter!

Pressing F1 isn’t hard.

This, the whole idea is nothing but dev make work for this reason.

Sounds like someone has never actually tried to gank a Freighter before…

Was this about a panic button or a panic module? About freighters or haulers in general?

The idea of a better tank available through manual activation of modules I like though. IDK if any T1 haulers or if any true freighters have hardener bonuses but maybe some or some more should. That would not give quite what the OP is asking for, but the OP is asking for too much. But giving pilots more ability to prevent HS ganks when they are actually at the keyboard is a good thing…in my estimation. I think CCP`s estimation is different however, and I cannot deny they have more info.

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Freighters are already extremely safe. I am not sure they need yet another direct buff to their EHP, even one that requires a button to be pushed to activate. Also, such a mechanism might tread on the toes of the DST which has something similar done with overheating and is already overshadowed by the freighter.

-1 then, unless there is some clear evidence a balance change is needed.

You can try just doing this. But you may be surprised.


Incompetent haulers shouldn’t get yet another buff to their lazy play.

Good freighter pilots and services deserve to keep what edge they still have left.

Yes this is what I’m getting at, to allow the person at he keyboard to ‘try’ and survive, NOT guarantee it.

I fail to see throwing away a 3m ISK ship killing a 2b ISK ship as gameplay. The hauler is content where as the content should be from both sides while the attack is happening.

I have a feeling that the people that complain about this in the forums are the ones flying the Catalysts!

But how does making Freighters even harder to kill create “content”?

If you want more interaction and game play between both sides, then your idea should try to do that, not make it harder.

Dude, you are the one asking for a one-sided change to make your game easier. Maybe take a look in the mirror?

Making a ship harder kill isn’t what’s creating the content, it creates a level playing field of ‘content’ for the person at the keyboard piloting the freighter, there will still be plenty of targets that AFK for you to gank don’t worry!

But for the people that want to play and pilot the freighter it gives them a ‘chance’ not a guarantee of surviving. Piloting a freighter is slow and boring which is why some people AFK, no different from other jobs that in Eve that people find boring, they use bots or AFK. CCP wants people at the keyboard to play, then all types of gameplay need to be engaging.

Once a freighter is attacked there is no counter, it can’t fight back. Using resources outside of the game to check gatecamps is fine but that outside of the game.

With the new industrial changes goods will need to be moved more around New Eden, more freighter pilots will be needed and ganking at the moment is far too easy.

Tell me what is the risk v reward for using a a cheap frigate to gank a very expensive freighter on a throw away alt.


You mean the SOLO pilot is ENTITLED to survive when TWENTY pilots attack him?

Try making friends, using a scout, webber.

Don’t be so entitled that you dismiss the efforts of a TEAM over a SOLO player.

Then why not propose something that adds play and counterplay? Pressing an “I win” button the criminals can’t counter doesn’t seem balanced or likely to create interactions.

The criminals are the risk vs. reward. Without them, freighters are perfectly safe. There needs to be ways to impose consequences on the greedy, lazy, and incompetent for the game to work.

The criminals face all sorts of risks and costs, and no guarantee of a reward. I’ll agree with your observation there could be more play and counterplay around crime in this game, especially when it comes to vigilantes and player police, but there is plenty of gameplay already in hunting industrial ships and avoiding criminals. There are dozens of things you can do to avoid being a lucrative target or being caught, but as the hauler you are the mouse here, or maybe the antelope, and the criminals are the lions.

That’s the game here - a basic predator/prey one. Making the prey just harder to kill doesn’t make the game better at all as a decade of nerfs to highsec piracy have shown - it just happens less. Any idea to truly make this better (and not just make life easier for the industrialist) needs more imagination than “moar EHP!”

Tisk, tisk… Why are you trying to make this personal in calling someone entitled? It’s a pathetic limp troll argument even for these forums.

My main is in an active corp and we already use scout and webs. Doesn’t always work on throw away alts used in ganking.

I think you miss the point too, this isn’t about making a freighter pilot invincible it’s about creating a counter when an attack happens. There is no counter to this type of attack. Everything in Eve should have a counter that’s just basic gameplay.

Organising 20 pilots isn’t hard to gank a freighter, a single pilot in that group flying frigate isn’t risking anything.

You’re right an “I win” button isn’t the answer but there needs to be something to stop AFK’ers and something used ingame to counter an attack against throw away alts where sec status has no repercussions.

This statement works both ways in this scenario. Using alts to gank then fly to safe, wait, dock up, wait for the next. Rinse and repeat. It’s not hard or competent gameplay.

An alt loosing a 3m frigate and having a reduced sec status (on a character that is only used to gank). Reward isn’t just the cargo inside it’s Zkillboard too, freighters can be empty and still get ganked.

Other ships have drone bays and guns, shooting each other makes the prey harder to kill thus making the game better. I’m not asking for guns on a freighter but I am trying to suggest a mechanic that stops AFK’ers and increases gameplay for BOTH predator and prey.

Yes there are, others have pointed out the counters, the fact that you don’t know how doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Try teamwork, using scouts, using webbers, etc.

Lrn2Play before you post changes.