Frequent Crashes/Performance Issues After Patch (Version 20.04)


  • Intel(R) Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz / 1920 x 1080
  • 8.00 GB RAM / 1TB SSD
  • Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) / 21H1 / 19043.1645
  • ISP: Spectrum (US EAST) / 2.4GHz Wireless (Integrated)
  • Speedtest To: London, UK = (Single/Multi PING) = 91/87 ms. (Download) = 24.67/14.82 Mbps. (Upload) = 9.71/11.80 Mbps.


  • AA/Shadows/Reflections = OFF
  • LOD = HIGH
  • All Other GFX Settings = LOW
  • Sound = ENABLED
  • Cache = ENABLED
  • (Launcher) Downloaded Full Game Client = TRUE
  • (Launcher) Verified Cache = TRUE (usually before each session, & game cache cleared at the end)
  • (Launcher) Hardware Rendering = ENABLED
  • (Launcher) High DPI Scaling = ENABLED


  • Frequency of disconnections prior to Version 20.04 = About 2-4 times per 8-10 hours, with only the occasional stutter/lag etc.

  • Frequency of disconnections after Version 20.04 = About 10-15+ times per hour, with much more frequent (and severe) performance drops. Enough to compel me after the last downtime to write out all this before attempting to log in again lol.

  • These disconnects did not appear to correlate/coincide with any particular location, action, or activity (at least overtly more or less than with the “usual” instances of dc’ing prior).

  • Went through the usual troubleshooting of my local connection/hardware and all that just in case but with no issues found, I’m reasonably confident at the moment that things are okay on my end. If there is additional info I haven’t included here though that would assist in diagnosing the issue, I’ll try to include it in a reply or w/e after.

  • I would like to know if others are experiencing similar performance issues after Version 20.04, and if so whether they’ve been able to point out what problem pains m- m- my poor precious (pathetic) Potato-PC:sadparrot: :shower:


Of course after making that giant detailed post, I log in to EVE to find, lol yep you guessed it, the exact opposite. :explodyparrot: Haven’t had so much as a noticeable lag spike… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Definitely just a coincidence prolly but slooowly backing away now before I jinx it… :face_in_clouds:

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have the same problem random client disconnects and crashes with internet working…

never mind It seems that i have problems with my ssd health so yhea

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