Frequent disconnects on Win 11 Pro, but ancient Macbook Pro is solid

I’m a totally new player to EO. Downloaded and installed it on my trusty Windows 11 Pro gaming PC, and I could not go more than a few seconds to a few minutes before it would say it had lost the connection to the server and kick me out. So, I was unable to finish the new player tutorial. Other games run fine on this PC, excepting the games that are infamous for having connection problems (Black Desert, Peach Beach Splash).

For fun, I downloaded and installed EO on my ancient 2016 Macbook Pro, and it has been completely stable in its connection, although the integrated graphics and old i7-6660U processor mean that it is very sluggish and drops frames like mad.

Both of these computers are on the exact same LAN and internet connection. This narrows down the issue with the Win 11 Pro PC to:

a) possible WiFi adapter issue (not likely–other games and VPN and Remote Desktop are reliable, excepting Black Desert game)

b) possible EO installation problem–I tried checking game files, emptying unused files in cache, reinstalling entire game, no luck

c) possible difference in how macOS Monterey and Win 11 Pro handle the network connection

d) possible bug in interaction between the EO and the Win 11 or .NET framework on this particular computer. I’d read that others wiped and reinstalled their Windows and EO to no avail, though, and I’m not going to go that far since I have many other games on this PC, and downloading them all again would take forever

e) possible bug in EO itself, regardless of Windows or .NET, but then this would likely affect a lot more people

Anyway, I can play the game on my Mac, so I’m not in a super rush to get this fixed, but it would be nice to be able to use my gaming desktop to play EO eventually.

My money is on the problem being Whinedoze 'lebun.

step by step manual on how to serious mess up windows

Step 1: press the power button to turn on the Computer

that’s it :wink:

but seriously, recently there are quite alot of disconnects, i checked “download full client” on both on my windoze machines and it got alot better, there isstill lag, but i guess thats server side.
the disconnect and missing graphic elements are gone now.

You don’t even need to press the power button. Microshaft will mess up Whinedoze for you, you don’t even have to do anything. :rofl:


That is true. (side topic) I was attempting to assist my wife with her Windows machine and I told her, “I can’t do what you are asking me for because Windows doesn’t allow me to modify it in that way.”
She said, “But you did that on my laptop!”. To which I replied, “Yes. But your laptop is running Linux OS.”.

Back on topic, Windows 11 is not the only OS to kick people during the tutorial, Windows 10 and Linux has some odd issues with the Eve tutorial. This is why I recommend watching the tutorial on a YouTube video and skipping it in game. Fly to the nearby career agent and start the missions.

I don’t play Eve Online as much of a 3D experience. I dropped a lot of the graphical needs and wants, but most of the time I play this in 2D mode (toggle CTRL+Shift+F9) which reduces disconnects greatly. I disconnect more often than not when I enter Jita with full 3D blazing. You definitely do not want to disconnect in that system with a loaded hauler. Jita on average has 1500 players at any given time and that is about 10 to 15 percent of the total players online hanging out there. Most of them are spam bots sending offers. All this random network traffic, your PC attempting to load in 3D models, shaders, etc. is enough to give any PC with any OS an embolism.

I have this game running on an Linux old desktop that was sitting in the closet. I am using it to test Manjaro vs. Xubuntu currently. The box is a HP Compaq 6200 Pro dated: 12/9/2013
CPU: Intel Core i3-2100
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2 GB ← 12 year old passive card.

In 2D mode I am getting better than 100 frames per second. The 3D drops it to about 65 frames per second. If I ramp it up to max, it drops to 20. If this antique can do all that with this game, I have to assume it the the Windows 11 bloatware at work. I don’t own Windows 11 to test it for you. My wife has this working on Windows 10, but I did run the popular anti-bloat scripts on her PC.

I can’t wait until they unveil Windows 12: Next Valley in 2025. Maybe they should change the name to Windows 12: Next Roadbump?

Fly safe o7