Fresh install pop os and some problems

Hello everyone,
It’s my first time im linux world and maybe misunderstading the process.
I install steam, add proton in steam in steam play.
The launcher eve is launch, dl all files, add my accourt, click to launch account and nothing.
Do you have idea ?
Other problem I have sound in hearphone but not with speaker
Have a good day! Thanks for your time

Os : pop os nvidia
Laptop : g712L rog strix

Sounds like the launchdarkly_client.pyd problem? Locate “launchdarkly_client.pyd” in your SharedCache/tq/bin64 folder, make a copy to SharedCache/tq and set the copy to read-only so the launcher can not mess with it.

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it’s working just quesiotn, IS it possible to inject my setup interface in linux?

You mean copying over your profile (overview/chat windows/hotkeys)?

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