Friction between ActivisionBlizzard and NetEase

Makes me wonder what these “operating principles and commitments to players and employees” are that made a company with a questionable reputation like ActiBliz not reach a consensus with a company of equally questionable reputation.

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i am glad it’s happening… but same time I don’t think it’s for commitments and it’s about MONIES.

diablo immortal/Overwatch 2 have ruined my love for blizzard for the clearly OUTRAGOUS prices that makes even EVE look dirt cheap.

WOW is my long running MMO…but even that is FULL of drama I can’t stand which all has lead to me playing EVE a little more and even trying new things like the start of the faction warfare event.

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I started playing World of Warcraft on the Chinese server around 2015. At that time, I felt very new, and World of Warcraft brought me a good time,Now I just want my account to be kept.

Exactly the type of companies that should be negotiating with one another… and failing.

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