Warcraft 3 reforged was a dissapointment

I bought it. I played it. It was bad.

I hope EVE Reforged fairs better.

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Blizzard are a trainwreck these days, I expected nothing less than a complete cock-up and another big middle finger in the face of their original fanbase.

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You have my condolences.


Heard it was buggy as hell. But other than that what were it’s problems?

Also that WC3:R EULA :no_mouth:

Missing features promised. Missing features that existed in the original WC3. Forceful update for people who never bought the game but still play the original WC3, that makes save files unusable, prevents custom games from working properly, etc. Missing Squelch and Mute buttons, so people have been spamming racist things all day.

Pretty on par for blizzard these days.

Moving this thread from GD to OOPE.

Well there was this time blizzard was great, then they got bought out by another company and went to ■■■■.
Oh ■■■■ i just realized whats about to happen now!

Ever since they got bought out by activision, yeah.

Hmmm… it takes a special kind of design-by-committee genius to not only mess up the “remaster” of a revered game, but also mess up the old game with the same stroke.

Slow clap for Blizzard, they truly earned it.

(It also puzzles me to think, how could they even think it would float?)

RIP my old mouse when shooting through the bars of the butcher with my archer.

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