does anyone know if or how i could get a refund on 2 full year subscriptions?? this trig invasion has ruined this game and it is time to move on.


Well I will go out on a limb and say, not happening.

Good luck tho.

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Can I have your stuff?

I’m getting faster at asking! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you do know that what you have on your account will always be there so why give it away

If you paid by Credit Card you can dispute the charges…telling the credit card company you purchased a product that is somehow not what you are being provided. You will get banned but what do you care if you are done with it?


“IF” and that’s a big if, he’s going to truly quit, then be nice and give your stuff away. You would be surprised how many do… :disappointed:

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Nah. Full biomass is the only way to be sure.


Biomassing doesn’t do anything, if they just come back with alts and spam the forums…

Oh wait.


How many have we seen “actually” biomass? 2?

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We’ll see when they fix the game.

The game was always hard to learn. But now it’s become confusing… Meh

“Fix” is obviously subjective. Some people wants the game more safe, some wants it more difficult.

It’s always entertaining to see CCP pull the ship in each direction with no overall plan.

Now the safest spot is also the most dangerous spot. Mind blown.

The highsec carebears never saw that one coming. Muahahaha…


Hey look you ninny, a carebear is a carebear…and they come from not just HS.

The OP is very evident of being a carebear, but i wonder if you are also?


what if i want to come back in a year or two? seems pretty stupid to give anything away. I just resubbed to lotro, and all my ■■■■ is there. Also have a account with warcraft and all my ■■■■ is still there

love it

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Yes, this is me.

You got a problem with that?


well i did unsub. I dont see ccp changing anything back.

Hoolygen Mikwilks


Are you sure you want to cancel your Omega Clone State upgrade? If so, please help us by completing the form below. If you decide to cancel, your account will revert to Alpha Clone State at the end of the current period, expiring on 14 December 2020.

Please tell us why you are cancelling your Omega Clone State upgrade.

Ingame issues
Please indicate your specific reason

Last patch
If you wish, please provide more details

You just removed what I love to do in this game mine/blueprints/produce things


why yes,

yes i do…does not matter how they are dressed up, carebears only deserve to be shot and pushed around in EvE till they leave.