Pushed around you say? Mmmmm… Sounds like something I’d enjoy.


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And they wont. From “my” numbers, (others will quibble over this) EVE lost apx 2/3 of it’s player base. The game has never recovered those numbers.

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Why would you sub for two years, better discount?

Probably two characters.

Sub 3 acct’s so you can pretty much do all you want to do solo after cutting your teeth in a corp where 3 pvp accts along with a now long gone bunch of corp mates who could take on Goon’s with only apx 30 members.

I was the only one to lose a ship from our Corp during the 1st “Burn Jita”. I will never live that down.

That’s PVP.

Can I have your stuff?

You’ve had 2 full years of satisfying game-play, why do you think you deserve a refund ?

You knew the risks of venturing into Eve Online, we all did. So suck it up buttercup and adapt, fight and fight on instead of running away. Don’t run, but turn into it and rip its bloody innards out Jade.


Id like refunded back to 2009 if this is the new fashion

Ill give me reason as vaguely as OP did

Cos stuff.

There, that’ll do


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File a support ticket or contact CCP customer support and ask what options you have. Nobody here will be able to answer your question.
Be patient…


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Since CCP never introduced fully fledged WiS I demand also refund and compensation for all the time I spent in this game. My lawyer will contact Hilmar if I will not see money in the bank in one week.
69 M ISK. Thats in Icelandic krónas.

I am not joking!

Preferably in 5000 bills.


Crazy thought, but why not contact customer support and ask? I mean i know it’s more fun to troll the forums but you’ll never get an official response here.

OP = snowflake millennial

No, but iirc you can ask to have your account frozen to not lose sub-time,
… and when you come back, you can ask to have it unfrozen again.

That way you don’t lose any time you’ve spent money for.

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It seems implied that the 2 year subscription is still running,
so the OP is most likely asking for a refund for the rest of the timeframe.

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Liking a dryson post!


You pay for omega training speed and skills. Not game features. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but CCP are still providing you with exactly what you paid for. Right?

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Is that posted somewhere? I know that game refunds are mandated by some countries. Not sure if that is true of subscriptions.

Why would you be entitled to a refund if you’ve already received the service you paid for and used up the time?


Not that I know. This is from a guy on reddit responding to something similar to the OP.
He said he did that and it worked, so I share the information.

There was zero reason to assume he lied about it …
… and in the end it’s good for business.