Yea not implying anyone is lying. It would just be nice if the policy was posted somewhere. Either way as I already replied to the OP, the only way to get a real answer is to contact customer support, not troll the forums.

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And then CCP disputes the claim (since it’s a significant penalty to have claims against your company), provides proof that you were given the product you were promised, and you get billed again. Except this time your credit card company and/or the police may take action against you for making a fraudulent claim.

Actually they’ve said that, when you do this …
… you, your card and all your characters get banned instantly.

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That and disputing the claim aren’t mutually exclusive.
They can ban you, and then dispute the claim as well.

Ah! True!

And then your credit card company gets to ban you and put a black mark on your credit report! Everybody gets to participate in the ban party!

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Why, I guess you can’t move through Niarja anymore, or maybe your dedicated mission running system, or maybe you were only mining Kernite and you can’t no more in Hisec…

I wonder what you do when your usual path to work is blocked due to roadworks, rageturn around and go back home? Or your workplace closes down, ask a refund of life to your parents?

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Sound like someone just can’t adapt to change and just wants to keep everything stagnant to keep their bil of isk returns without any risk.

I have some popcorn that requires more salt please!


I don’t know, spent the last 3 months of my sub. visiting the forums on occasions. Been technically on Alpha since around the beginning of June, although haven’t had the game installed since before then.

Still, I don’t know why the op has his knickers in a twist, If you buy long subscriptions you must know the risks, part of why long subscriptions are cheaper.

I’d say ‘nothing to see here folks!’.

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I can relate to your desire for a refund, and others have mentioned that you can contact your credit card company and do what is called a ‘chargeback’ if you feel you have not received what your paid for. However, going back two years would also be stealing and considered credit card fraud and CCP very likely would prevail. These ‘seemingly trapped’ changes are more recent than that, like as in the last few days where little player support is available yet as we are all still learning how to defeat this BS.

I will tell you what I did. I’ve been playing for 10 years and have 29 characters. Some have over 200,000,000 skill points. When I saw the system where we lived being taken over by Triglavians I moved out about 20 of the characters not knowing what to expect in the future. I moved all of the big expensive ships. I think I drank nearly a bottle of wine when doing that. It was stressful. I had blueprint originals with 10’s of billions about to be trapped. I got everything out I wanted and left a few Orcas and a few thousand shuttles and a bunch of junk basically. But that junk is worth about 10 billion all together.

The way I did that was to enter a battle and fire against the so called good police, I don’t recall their name now. Edencom? Yeah those. I took a character that can fly almost any ship and got her to -0.01 with Edencom and +0.01 with Triglavians. Now, everyone should have started out a neutral but that’s messed up and that was a work around. So that left one toon that could fly anything out.

I also left some key players assuming jump clones would work. They don’t. Say’s it can’t be mapped so I can’t just jump clone back to Jita and have a party like nothing happened.

As it turns out there’s an entirely new market now with hardly anything on it. You can ask your price. Sold an Orca for 3 bil ISK a few minutes ago. Shuttles are selling for 2 mil ISK. That’s because now you can’t get stuff in. Now prices are skyrocketing for anything that’s already ‘IN’.

And you can’t get back in once you leave. There’s a super nifty cheap filament that will let you jump out available for 10000 isk at every station in Pochven called ‘Glorification-1 ‘Devana’ Filament’ It is SUPER easy to leave with one of those.

But I’m not leaving yet. I am having fun selling a bunch of crap that I now no longer have to move, for 10x what it would sell for in Jita.

The major issue right now is that NONE of the filaments to get back are currently available. I believe that over time when players lose interest in this new section of space, those filaments will be cheap thus making it quick and easy to go not only out but back in to do whatever you left behind.

It’s not that bad.

I have seen CCP do stuff over the last decade that seemed insane and even unfair at first. But there’s always a workaround. And it’s a game. That’s what you are supposed to do, play it. Figure it out.

Just hang in there, all is not lost. I have not lost anything, except for a full night of sleep having to down a bottle of wine to have the guts to fly out 10 Charons with no standings. In retrospect, it was actually fun and a real adrenaline rush to be honest.

It’s not going back to two years worth of charges, its two 1 year subs.
meaning they paid for the subs for a whole year, not month to month.

Please excuse the interjection, but you’ve sparked my curiosity.

i69. Is that an interstate highway (or something related, I’m not from the US)
… or are you just really good at bending yourself?

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i would love refund of 6 years worth of subs money plus plex cash.

…Isn’t this a bit like demanding a refund from your window cleaner after a bird craps on the glass?


this more like the window cleaner fall thru your window

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Rightfully speaking, if the person had a few months of Omega then added the 12 month plan to stack, that would not yet been activated, then there is no harm in submitting a ticket to ask.

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If the new subscription is queued and not activated there’s nothing to stop someone just cancelling as they wouldn’t have been charged.

I took a 6 months subscription out on one game, about a month later I stopped playing it. Did I ask for a refund no, why because the choice to stop playing it was mine. As far as the company was concerned I could still play it.

Everyone knows that MMOs change with time it’s part of their selling point. When playing an MMO you don’t know if that MMO will still feel like the same game 12 months later. All you know is it will keep evolving (as long as the company is still investing in it). Said this bit before, if you purchase long subscription times you are taking a risk as you don’t know if you will get bored, have RL issues or the game will evolve in a manner you don’t like.

So if someone doesn’t want to pay less on a long subscription and take a risk, I’d suggest paying a monthly subscription.

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Fairly behind you in principle. but when you purchase a product you should never be taking a risk.

Thats why consumer standards exist.

How can you not take a risk when the game is constantly evolving. Except by paying monthly and greatly reduce that risk at least on your wallet/purse.