And in EvE you arent taking a risk, because thats made clear by disclaimer as the nature of an MMO.

Yes, CCP will have the opportunity to make the argument and enforce the EULA. The credit card co will make a judgement. You may get reimbursed by the credit company in which case your accounts will be banned. That is all. Merin is hyperventilating with the fraud and police nonsense. You have already used and benefited from the subscription so a refund is unlikely to happen anyway.

It’s still a risk, even if it’s a well known risk. You are risking the money you paid in advance. You still have access to the product that you may have stopped using.

Yeah, well still pretty sure if I was to buy a deal on EvE over Steam and I didnt like it, Id be entitled to a refund.

But Ive a feeling once again we are on two sides of a particular divide I dont want to open up again, so happy to disagree.

I bought a Ford 5 years ago and it’s really not what was advertised…How do I go about returning it for a refund?

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Trig invasion is over, the Giant Star Suckers are off doing their own thing now.


OP is that guy who goes to a restaurant, eats their entire meal, and then complains about it hoping management will make it free because it’s easier than dealing with personified cancer.


Im not sure if Steam refunds work for subscriptions to 3rd party services. I mean 3rd parties from Steam’s point of view.

Hmm probably have a point there.

I think it might work, but agree my example would have to be really specific.

Point withdrawn.

the whole point of long subscription periods is securing subscription money, you fell for it.

Theres no “falling for it”, I think it’s quite common knowledge that companies want more of your money in advance. Same rationale applies behind early access etc.

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Um, no. A chargeback is a claim that the charge on your card is not legitimate, and in this case it is 100% legitimate and the person has just decided that they don’t like their purchase anymore. You are lying to the credit card company to gain money, that is literally the definition of fraud.


I saw where the game was going almost 2 yrs ago but had to wait till the acct I had subbed for a yr to time out while matching the others to time out with it as well. I decided to unsub while CCP experimented on us. I don’t need a refund. I planed ahead.

I prefer the simpler approach of just making enough money IRL to not care about the $15/month.


Sucker! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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