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CCP should really release a lifetime subscription model. There’s plenty of people who don’t like paying once every month, and there should be an option to pay once and never pay again. Since a yearly subscription costs about $130, a lifetime sub should be around 20 year’s worth of eve, or $2600. CCPls give us lifetime subs

While hilarious to think of what CCP could do with the type of money that Star Citizen is making, I disagree.

I believe anyone who enters EVE Online and takes the time to learn how to become self sufficient can learn to be wholly subscribed as an Omega without spending money for gametime within just 3 years. I say this because that’s how I’ve done it since starting in 2014 and starting from 2017 onwards, I’ve been funding my Omega status strictly through in-game PLEX purchases with ISK. So I know it’s entirely possible.

Subscribing to much more years than that seems like a waste since you can become self-sufficient in much less time without the need for a “life time” subscription.

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Depends on whether you have more time or money IRL. Even if I easily have the character stats to fund a subscription via PLEX my time is way too valuable and in short supply for that. On the other hand, $15/month is essentially nothing to me so paying for an account is easy. And, amusingly, your “everyone can pay with ISK” claim only works because people like me exist and pay for the game with cash. If everyone tried to pay for their subscription with ISK nobody would be able to.

Anyway, the real objection here is that it’s stupid to pay for a 20 year subscription on a game that probably won’t last that long, especially when you aren’t even getting a discount compared to paying month by month.


This is a really dumb argument to try, but sure.

Can and want to are two different things, I gladly shell out the sub money because I want to spend my isk.

But I would not buy a lifetime sub on a game.

Game companies actually have a way to figure this out. They work out the average lifecycle of their players, decide how much the average player ends up paying them before quitting, and that gives them a ballpark figure on what a ‘lifetime sub’ should cost. They lose out (in the long run) on the 5-year-plus players (which there are less of), and make more money on the 9-month players who were very impressed with the game at the start and assumed they would be playing it for years.

For companies who need a shot of cash quickly to fund new initiatives, or who are flushing their own game down the drain as CCP seems determined to do, it can be a strong benefit to make more money ‘now’ than to try to win out in the long term.

Most games I’ve seen with life subs run in the $200 to $300 range, and seem to be able to do more with that money than CCP does with their $100-a-year model.


Uh, no, it’s indisputable fact. The only way to pay for a subscription with ISK is for another player to buy PLEX with cash. If nobody is willing to spend cash then there is no supply of PLEX and nobody is able to obtain it with ISK. Stop and think about it for a minute before you post again.


I made my first plex worth of ISK in 19 days. My second in just 12. One account.


uhm I can not agree with this…

Probably cause i have a Life time sub in STO that i purchased 10 yrs ago when it went on sale from $400 to $200.

Do i still play STO…
No i dont, the Lifetime sub game me advantages others did not and i used them to become so stinking rich in both Zen (cash shop currency/Plex version) and in game stuff…that the game got really boring, especially since you dont lose your stuff there when it dies.
Last time i logged in was 2 years ago, to use my earned pile of Zen to gather stuff and lootboxes to give away to my fleet mates there.

Without serious reason to buy a lifetime sub, which would give holders of that title some OP advantages there is no reason to have it in EvE Online…and i think it would be detrimental to the games overall health.

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i sub all my accounts … i dont want to grind for plex
doesnt mean i am rich but i just dont want to think about plex


maybe a good idea for CCP … with a nice discount mabe a way but i think not many will do that so … for me it looks like a waste of CCP work time but i could be wrong



That’s not really true though.

Real money subs don’t allow people to pay using their isk, PLEX does. Without PLEX this would not have been possible. When plex prices increase you see a flood of poors ranging on the forums for CCP to intervene.

You are correct though… Like yourself, I make enough isk in game to fund all my accounts, I just prefer paying for yearly subs since I just don’t want to put the effort into it. I would rather use my isk to fit expensive ships and buy nice things for my chars, like injectors. :slight_smile:


Like my pretty Borg char :slight_smile:

But I get you. I was in STO from Beta with a lifetime sub before I met EVE, I logged in maybe 4 years ago and I will be honest, the graphics looked worse compared to the screenshots I have from that time on FaceBook. Nothing compels me to log into it.

EVE does not really lend itself to that type of subscription. The whole point of the live time subs in STO was additional stuff/privilege that nobody else can ever have. That is a slippery slope for a game like EVE that already suffers from elitism.

Granted, I would still take one if it was available.

Be careful what you wish for.

I used to be very active in (at the time) the second-biggest virtual world system. I’d been in it for 10 years, and had finally got to the trust-point where I was willing to subscribe for a year at a time. Three months after I paid for my year’s subscription it went bust (some kind of admin cock-up) and I never got my nine months of unused sub back for my 3 different accounts. Imagine trying to get the remainder of a ‘lifetime-sub’ back if CCP folds ? How long is a ‘lifetime’ anyway, and what proportion of your ‘lifetime-sub’ have you already used ? These are the sorts of questions a court would have to answer, if it ever went that far.


Not really sure your argument there works. There are discount plans for buying longer term subscriptions and higher amount plex packages. If you are paying month to month then you are doing it wrong. Buy at least a 3 month package of game time. the longer your sub, the more discount you get, It’s like anything you buy; buy it in bulk you will get a discount.
They even say on the webpage, bulk orders contact us for pricing.
If I wanted to spend 25k on subscriptions all at once or on plex all at once, dollar to tim bits you better believe I’m getting a huge discount.

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$2000 for a lifetime sub sounds like a really good deal. Throw in some ship skins and a monocle.

Honestly, if people will buy this…go for it!

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Been playing on and off since 2009, always buy the 12 month sub. All I care about is pvp and have no desire not time to crab.


While this is true, you technically misspoke in your earlier post.

People who pay $$$ for a monthly sub have no effect on PLEX. It is only the people who actually purchase PLEX with $$$ that allow others to sub with it.

Not a huge deal but it was a likely cause of a set of replies that can go off the rails.

Only if you could get a refund due to unexpected game design changes that ruin the game, for you.


Or if the servers get shut down.

Course getting a refund from CCP is pretty much a no-go.

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