Lifetime Subscription


Do you get that for a year sub?

1 year =/= lifetime

I’ll make a special offer: transfer 10 years worth of PLEX to me and in return every month - until the servers shut down - I’ll commit to your choice of either keep your account in Omega through the NEX store, or put 500 PLEX in a piggy bank (for you to use as you see fit: ISK reserve, donate to corp mates or whatever).


This seemed ridiculous to me back when plex was only like 350 mil… But now

That said, lifetime subscriptions is a terrible idea.

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It is already there. My friend got his year sub automatically extended without consent for yet another year despite he is not playing anymore.

So yeah lifetime sub is already there haha.

Introduction of lifetime subscription usually means that the company is close to going tits up and is making the last-ditch effort to grab some cash, so I’d rather CCP didn’t.


I started mine on the first month. On a side note, has anyone else been getting randomly disconnected from the sever for the past few days? A mate and I most certainly have been.

I COULD be playing on 3 toons with just my in-game money, but A) I like saving my in-game money to spend on ships and shiny modules and such without having to penny pinch and B) I like not feeling like I have a monthly quota of cash (ISK, I mean) I have to make in game or else I’m screwed like some of my EVE corpmates and fleetmates clearly feel from how they talk about plexing. And C) PLEX volatility suuuuucks.

I’ve plexed my 3rd toon now and then (used to be just a booster toon for incursions, now so much more), but my 2 main toons have always been subbed since they were born 7.5 and 6.5 years ago. Might that change? Maybe. But we’ll see how things go with the game (and with me).

P.S. also, I should add that EVE has saved me soooo much money on steam sales and other games I would have (but didn’t) buy right away from 2013 onwards… some of those games I’ll never buy, some I bought years later super cheap on sale after the demand died down. IOW, playing EVE is worth IRL money to me because it saves me IRL money on all the other games I’d be chasing after (source: 2008 to 2013, me on Steam back then).


Except the part about injectors. Lay off those, man… they’re probably only 50% as addictive as hyperraffling, but… they’re all bad for your soul.*

(* - (cough)only have ever used injectors during the x-mas drugs CCP gave us in 2018 that let us inject with no SP-total-penalty and still wish they’d never done that so I could be 100% pure of injector usage like I’m 100% pure of hyperspam clickage (haven’t clicked a single one))

Ayup. Now, people who buy PLEX for ISK (me, sometimes… mostly for ship skin buying in the NES) + people who buy PLEX for $$$ and sell it for ISK (not me, but I know some who do)… are ofc in an economic relationship that balances upon supply and demand and all that good stuff. PLEX sales are good for one, bad for the other… it all balances out in the end.

Servers being shut down was my biggest fear when I first heard about Steam and the possibility of going non-physical with a video game collection, but I dove in when my wife bought me the Orange Box (discs) for my bday in 2008 and I needed Steam for Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 and Portal…

And now, after 12 years… it’s still going strong. I dare say the Steam servers will probably outlive me, so it turns out I needn’t have worried… in that case, at least.

Probably so. And man… 350 mil PLEX might not have been before my time, but it was early enough in my time that I didn’t even know about that option yet. By the time I heard about plexing an acct, it was up to 600 or 700 mil. Then it went up to like 1.2 bil, then it crashed down to 800 mil or so during the Casino War/World War BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee… and now the endless climb up past 1 bil, 2 bil… etc.

Reminds me of gas prices (where $1.00 is 1 bil, $2.00 is 2 bil, etc.) over the past 20 years or so in my area of the USA.

That’s pretty common with just about anything that wants your credit card for a sub in this day and age, man. You gotta cancel before the card is auto-billed again or else you’re gonna be facing that situation of accidentally auto-purchasing another month, 3 months, 6 months, or full 12 months.

Spoiler alert: same goes for netflix, hulu, amazon prime, disney+ (I’m guessing), etc.

The only place I can think of where they’re nice enough to allow you to opt-in once a year is memberships at brick and mortar shops like Barnes and Noble bookstore (years and years ago, at least)… including the big box ones like Sam’s Club and COSTCO where they’ll tell you when your card expires and you can then choose to pay up again (or not)… at the cash register (with all your stuff already unloaded from the cart) or at the gasoline/petrol pump (eagerly awaiting your car’s meal).

Oh, I think I know this one. Just throwing out some suggestions on what CCP could do with better funding:
-Buy and sell a pen&paper RPG company,
-Start development on a Vampire themed MMO,
-Build a tech demo for a walking-around-in-space-stations game,
-Create a virtual clothing store for above tech demo,
-Develop an also-ran console shooter game,
-Develop a highly successful multi-dollar VR game for only a couple of million in development costs,
-Develop a mobile game * please clap *
-Replace a stable chat client with an unstable one.
And probably many more exciting things.

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This one, man…

Too soon, too soon.

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I don’t think I’ve ever plexed my account, aside from the time a guy donated me a year’s worth. I used to pay 35 bucks and get myself 700 million ISK, and boy, did I feel rich!

So why would a life time sub get a refund exactly?

Should be self-evident, but just for arguments sake, because I would want such an option before I would even consider such a thing.

Other players may not feel the same of course.

That is all the reason that is needed.

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I’d like one on a yearly sub…

I don’t think you understand how ccp work or how subs in general work.

im not paying for a 20 year sub on a game that wont be around in 20 years

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I’ve thought about this many times.

Decided that I would be willing to pay up to 1K for a lifetime sub, no more.

I expected better. Go back to your Fav fourm Fan Boi support group and do a bit more focused training on forum Pvp for new bros.
Well older new bros whO have lost their Mojo that is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

whats the point of paying life time subscription when they cant even get the 1 mth subscription right ive just paid two 1 mth subs because the first one did not work so i bought a 2nd 1mth sub and it still wouldnt bloody work,wtf.very disgruntled.ive purchased thru steam and the eve game is installed thru steam so i dont get why my sub aint workin,ive also put a ticket thru support 4 days ago with no response…even thou its $40 i can say in total ive given $80 to eve/steam free money and that aint good.i enjoy the game but if im feeding free money to a cash register that cant help me sort out the issue then eve can get stuffed.Ahhrrrrrrr!

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Did you make your account through steam too?