Lifetime Subscription

How about a one time price to pay for all your accounts for the rest of your life.
Not for each account…but all of them.
You get to play all your accounts as omega…for life…
Pay once and your in.
I’d buy that for a dollar.

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Considering how much cash people have thrown at games like Diablo Immortal, I think your idea might not be as bad as many people will think it is. It seems gamers are swimming in dollars.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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When CCP offers this, for around $1,995 per account, you’ll know that EVE has less than a year to go before maintenance mode.


Should have offered that back in the day and I would have jumped on it no questions asked. Now… maybe not.



People play this game for too long for CCP to consider something like that.
It would be like Hilmar giving money away for free.

The other problem is how long do you consider a life time for the purposes of determining the cost. 20 years like a life sentence?

You don’t worry about the specific length of time, in most calculations. You look at the “expected lifetime value” (ELTV) of a paying player - how much total you earn from a paying player before they stop spending.

The payoff of a lifetime sub for a company comes when they can get a player to pay upfront roughly their ELTV early on, while the player is most invested/intrigued by the game. It’s also a benefit from older players who’ve already spent much of their ELTV but overestimate how much longer they’ll be playing the game.

In either case the game company gets a sizeable portion of the money they’d ever make on a player, either in advance, or added on to the current total income from a player.


I would wait for Star citizen release(which may take a lifetime too) then check eve population then make such investment.

Don’t we wish :smiley:

A dream come true, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… 'til I remember CCP is a business.

I’m swimming in :arrow_down:

*It’s fake…

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