Frigate fleet abyssal bug

I did sent a ticket to support but i got the heartless copy and paste answer, so i am posting here for general knowledge.

I was running t5 electrical filaments with 2 retributions and deacon. I ran them for better part of 2 hours one after another without a hitch.
At some point i encountered the wretched triglavian shipyard room so i decided to extract my fleet thru the gate.

All 3 of my ships safely exited the abyss. So i docked up with my main character and replenished wasted filaments with new batch of 3 t5 electricals.

I warped to the rest of my fleet and activated filament, business as usual.

The weird stuff happen.
Two of my retributions managed to enter abyss but… deacon could NOT stating that the warp field prevent it to enter the abyss

As a result i lost both retris so i asked for reimbursement due to a bug.

Ofc copy paste stated my reimbursement was denied since it was not server side bug.
Then what was it?
How is it my 2 retris could enter the abyss and my deacon could not? How is it my deacon had timer that occurs ONLY in abyss while being outside of it?

Does ccp takes responsibility ONLY for server side bugs and not the client bugs?

I lost my ships NOT by my fault.

I do not accept copy paste answers. If i am to denied reimbursement i want to see reasonable explanation of what occurred here and how it is not a bug.

As far for not being able to enter the abyss alongside with rest of my fleet that was the message showed

and result

Their reimbursement for abyss is very minimal, unless they can see it was on their end, no matter what happens you won’t get reimbursed.

Did you submit a bug report?

Maybe you should file the bug report first, before filing a claim that you are the victim of a bug. Then reference that bug report in your claim for reimbursement.


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Oh yesss i tried, but somehow the upload is not working at all for screenshots…

Still i want reasonable explanation how the hell this happened… Most importantly lads be careful if you do fleet abyssals and get trig shipyard room make sure you check timers…

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Can you reproduce this error? Might take some homework on your part. Document the conditions and steps.
That would be a successful bug report that could be actionable.

You could then likely claim the reimbursement based on a reproducible bug that is now known. Otherwise how is the GM to verify your issue, other than your testimony and a screenshot or two? Sometimes they will give you the benefit of the doubt, but with Abyssals I think that boat already sailed.

I don’t doubt your situation. You have two obvious reasons to investigate further and see if you can do it again.

It has to be an error on the server side. This sounds like it could have been do to client side lag. and if that what the logs showed then you will not be reimbursed

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I wonder how hard it would be for CCP support to say something like that.

@Sgt_Ocker um they have said it… in their ship rimbursement policy

As a rule, reimbursements will not be given unless a game master (GM) is able to verify that the loss occurred due to unnatural reasons through a review of the server logs. Due to the fact that logs and screenshots are easily altered, we unfortunately cannot accept player statements, chat logs or screenshots as definitive evidence for these cases.

  1. Reimbursement will only be granted if a loss is attributable to a bug or server error.
  2. Any losses attributable to errors in the EVE client may not be eligible for reimbursement.
  3. Any losses attributable to problems with a player’s system (i.e. computer, internet connection, etc.) or any system owned by a third party are not eligible for reimbursement.
  4. Losses caused by lag or non-server related disconnection will not be reimbursed.
  5. Only items destroyed along with the ship are eligible for reimbursement. Any items left in space (in wreck, containers, etc.) are not eligible for reimbursement.
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Well if it was a lag then would be a one ultra epic lag allowing me to move freely in eve.
Also i had a 14min left timer from last abyss pocket with triglavian shipyard. Lag does not explain that…

If this is the case, server data “knows better” i should be able to enter with deacon either way since on server side my deacon did not had a timer…
Plus that would be very convenient and shitty explanation.
“Oh you know sorry for loss of ship but we do not care about client we care only about server side. Doesn’t matter (our game) client synchronisation of data failed miserably and client showed a bug, as long it’s not with us (server) we don’t care…”

It’s abyss… everything gets destroyed…

There is not than one type of lag.

It’s because they have no way to know if the client was at fault or if you manipulated something. You agreed to this policy

I know, I was quoting that more for the person I replied to, since he seemed to think ccp didn’t have it written anywhere

I am to old not to know that.
But then again would be very weird to have 2 perfectly working clients and 3rd that not only reads data from 5 minutes in the past but does not disconnect due to sync issues, it is not TIDI… 2 out of 3 clients were unaffected. Look at screenshot. 14 with change remaining on abyssal timer from previous room.

Apart from a bug what explanation is there?

It very well could have been a bug, hell any unintended execution of a program is a bug. However if it was a bug or not is irrelevant. All that matters is if it was server side or client side

Let’s assume it was a bug. What caused it?
The culprit could be your internet provider, your hardware or some software you use alongside with Eve. How the GM can rule out all of this?

So my ISP cased my 3rd character having a timer that is abyss only specific and not any other?
I was freely moving my chars at the time, havn’t experienced any lags etc.

So if it was a bug then it was not my fault at all. Server did not synced with client.

Do i have a ghost in the shell then?

That’s why i want explanation from support…
Best part is i gave all info needed and screenshots included the weird behaviour on deacon side alongside explanation and support didn’t even looked at screenshots at all as they asked me for the deacon char name… I feel the attention to details coming slowly to light.

It don’t need to be your fault, if can’t be verified to be CCP’s fault then is not reimbursed.

Thanks to all the cheaters that makes a more lenient reimbursement policy inviable.

that’s because your screen shots are irrelevant. they can look at when the ships were lost then look up the deacon pilot and check the logs from that time.

If there is nothing on their logs that show the issue was server side you don’t get anything.

Oh that you do not have to tell me twice… i hunt bots etc on regular basis spamming my inbox with “Thanks” but yeah i suppose to much tickets and support gets mechanical at some point.