Front facing trusters for smoother navigation at low speed

Hello folks,
No matter how much I shout to the crew, if I navigate by keeping distance to… or Approaching to… my ship will start bouncing back and forth until eventually will stop. It feels like I navigate with a defective feedback control system.
I met the crew at last and they told me that although they clearly understand what I mean, it is impossible to execute a clean approximation manoeuvre (with out without feedback control systems) without front facing trusters. At some point they will have to turn the ship 180 degrees and fire the rear thrusters.
So here am I writing to the engineers who may be listening in this channel: if you could please mind adding front facing trusters in ships, my crew and I and our pottery and glass cups will really appreciate it.

Tell the crew to use their imagination

EVE ships don’t use Newtonian physics. Effectively the ‘engines’ at the back of your ship are there for show. Or half the ships would rip themselves apart from off centre thrust.
Imagine them in your head more as reactor exhaust than rocket thrust and that your ship uses a gravity engine drive for real movement, and things will make more sense.


The ships use Space Magic™ to fly in space like submarines. :rofl:

What you actually want isn’t clear. Do you want a stable close orbit at high speeds? Do you want things to look better visually? More accurate orbit and ranges? Try saying what you actually want instead of a bunch of meaningless noise.

I think what he wants is to control his ship without having to turn around and always going forward when moving, but rather being able to drive backward. Just like a car. You go front and back. Turn around when you want to change angle. In some sense when you bump something and turn around it can be painfull to come back to initial position depending on your align time.

You are correct and here’s a source to confirm your explanation and provide more detail for others.

I started at the propulsion part but I’d watch the whole thing if you’re interested in the physics of Eve.

except that the orientation of the ship is purely visual. the game treats your ship as a sphere with momentum, the actual direction the ship looks like its facing doesn’t matter (which is why larger ships tend to warp sideways) and why “soft aligning” like used to be popular with miners doesn’t actually do anything.

so no matter what they make the ship look like, your time to reverse momentum is going to be the same regardless.

That’s only half true. The “what the ship looks like” part is true, but there are faster ways to stop than ctrl space, and faster ways to turn than aligning. What people don’t seem to realize is that deceleration and acceleration are two different forces in EVE. In the case of a stop, aligning to something behind you will make you stop faster. In the case of turning, aligning to something beyond what you are aiming for will get you to what you are aiming for faster.

That said, I’m still not sure what OP actually wants, because it was all complete gibberish.

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also, shutting down you propmod will make you stop faster.

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