Frontlines Wargame on Singularity

----After new patch(es) today----
Rendezvous points no longer spawn infinitely… there are something like 4 waves, then a boss battleship after which it is completed.

  1. Still some issues as it gives a LP awarded message followed by a no LP awarded “too far” message.
  2. No apparent change to advantage in system.


  1. Still only awards LP to ships/pilots at CZB… OR AT THE WARPIN BEACON!

Propaganda Broadcast Structure

  1. Seems to spawn either fewer waves, or fewer rats, or both
  2. completes and actually does add advantage (1%), but just ran 1. edit 2nd tower I ran did not change the advantage.
  3. Drones don’t die as much

Listening Post

  1. Either fewer waves, or fewer rats or both.
  2. Advantage did NOT change after running just 1.
  3. Drones don’t die as much

10K LP to the pilot that launched. Nothing to anyone else on grid.

Maybe I missed it but are their details on how listening outposts, propaganda structures, and supply depot/caches function with the Advantage System? Also, are their any details on how the Advantage System works works overall?

@CCP_Aurora and @CCP_Convict could you shed some light on this?

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Today, we (Amarrmil) had a fight against Minmil in a battlefield NVY-30.

Marauders and Leshaks are still able to enter (but not capture points). This can be circumvented by pilots switching into the T1 or navy frigates in their frigate escape bays.

I also discovered an interesting bug with how the payout is structured for the battlefield site (and I suspect with all FW sites in general):

I was able to stay at CZB (top) and prevent this point from being captured. However, CZA and CZC were both being captured by Minmil ships. Eventually, the Minmatar side reached 100% and everyone (both Amarrmil and Minmil) close enough to CZB got paid.

I suspect that the FW payout system pays out for everything within range at the point of site completion. For the other faction warfare sites, it would normally become “contested” if there were pilots from opposing FW factions and the bar wouldn’t move, but in this case the bar can still move even if one or more capture zones are being contested. So I suspect that if we were to somehow move the bar to 100% on a normal FW site, it would pay out to both sides indiscriminately.

So I think there would need to be an additional check required for faction allegiance at the point of site completion before paying out to pilots (of the winning side for the site).


I have attached a pic of another battlefield that we had tested (this time together with some people from minmil). We still got a payout by staying further than 30 km from CZB (so we wouldn’t be in the capture range) but still within 35 - 40 km.


LP is awarded for pilots at the warpin beacon

At the speed they are fixing the issues we report there is no way that the update, 4 days away, will not be significantly broken in the warzone.

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The wargame concluded today at 14:00 UTC. Thank you all for taking part and leaving your feedback here and this thread.

I apologise for my presence in this thread dropping off during the second half - we’ve all been heads down at CCP working on things related to the launch of Uprising on Tuesday.

Congratulations to the Red team for winning the wargame, gaining two systems from the Blue team!

We will now begin our analysis of the results and will be posting the standings for individuals and corporations soon. Since the destroyer BPCs won’t even be available on Tranquility until Tuesday more news and potentially the rewards as well will follow later next week. When ready the info will be posted in this thread.

Prize fulfilment:

  • PLEX for individuals will be credited directly to the PLEX vaults of the top 10 characters from each side.
  • BPCs for individuals will be contracted to eligible characters in Jita 4-4
  • BPCs for corporations will be contracted to the eligible corporations’ CEO in Jita 4-4

Once determined, we will be reaching out to winners via evemail to find out which faction they would like their BPCs to come from.

And in response to a suggestion from @Madamal_Yiryi_Dethahal earlier in this thread, instead of issuing a single medal for all participants we will mint 3 medals and award them to the top third, middle third and lower third respectively of LP accumulators during the wargame so that those who put in a sustained effort get more recognition.


Yay a suggestion of me made it : )


I mean everyone will still be getting medals, this was just supposed to be a nice thing for people who spent more time on the event.


Some of us do appreciate it, thank you. I would have thought that getting more than was promised would be a good thing.

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If the deciding factor for you to devote more time to fake LP grinding on the test server was a shiny medal over PLEX/BPC’s then you probably weren’t going to do it anyway. Everyone that participated was not under the knowledge that their would be tiered medals, and that this was added after the event ended. Furthermore, this was a change based on feedback FROM US, THE PLAYERS. (specifically @Madamal_Yiryi_Dethahal)

If you capped some plexes, you’ll get a medal anyway. Thats something most other players won’t have on TQ so just be proud of yourself for what you did dammit :melting_face:

And @CCP_Convict, thank you for responding to community feedback for these medals. I and most other participants appreciate the thought that went into making the rewards proportional to time invested.


You’re getting a whole lot more than what effort you have publicly given to CCP. Not a single post giving feedback on the system other than the last minute crying about not getting gold medals and only getting a bronze one. You yourself have also said you didn’t put a lot of time into it…so why should you get more than the participation prize. Especially when others have put in so much work? CCP is recognizing that there are those that went above and beyond the call, and feel they should be rewarded. It’s like if an employee goes above and beyond at work, they get recognized for being employee of the month or a raise. It doesn’t take away from the bare minimum you put in, you are still getting your ‘paycheck’.

Making claims about my “zeal to whiteknight” for making a comment about how I like that the devs listened to our feedback and that you are being a grumpy fart about it is a bit of a stretch.

I get it, we were under the pretense that the medals were a static prize that we would all get when beginning and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to factor in the tiered medals to how much time we invest.

However at the end of the day everyone that participated gets a medal. Your assertation that the “honourable mention prize” is being divided up and given to the “worthy” is extremely misleading as nothing is being taken away from the original recipients of the award, it is just now distinguishing how well individuals participated in the event.

But as you said, I’ll carry on.

When will Sisi be accepting normal connections again?

Hey folks, it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to get the results in from analytics, sit tight!


I have just been handed the results from our analytics team!

Top 5 Blue Team (Amarr) Corporations: Top 5 Red Team (Minmatar) Corporations:
Phoenix Naval Operations Fancypants Inc
Urban Mining Group Phantom Regiment
Red Sky Morning Nomads of Republic
Z5-x02E07F Kultures Gradient
Taayusaka Eskeitan The Iskariot Organization
Top 10 Blue Team (Amarr) Individuals: Top 10 Red Team (Minmatar) Individuals:
Gilisder Thellere Suhupow Billos
Ragnarok Sui Falacious Aldent
MoiKaip Jake Anneto
Xialis Drexter Auscent
PixyWarrior Ellecon Baron PinKooliO
Ashley Parisi Duilius ArtJay
Art Urban Elisia Direnna
Phexar Fireforce Teelah barElyon
Kargin Mezer Trec Sereta
Amara Ninhursag railo

The CEOs of the corporations and the individual capsuleers above will soon receive an evemail from me on TQ to find out which faction they would like their BPCs to come from. Keep an eye on your inboxes!

PLEX for individual winners has been delivered.

All of the following will receive a medal for their participation, split into 3 tiers:

Tier 1 Medal Recipients: Tier 2 Medal Recipients: Tier 3 Medal Recipients:
Suhupow Billos StupidVic Ksardas Aurum
Gilisder Thellere Hans Devin Trunner Tekitsu
Falacious Aldent Duncan Dainese X03 X03
Ragnarok Sui Lauro 1984 K3npachi
Jake Anneto Larraht Drayen Lili langisi
Drexter Auscent Take You Danielle Deveraux
MoiKaip Jack Lagash Crack Inspector II
Baron PinKooliO Angel75 Crack Inspector III
Xialis Amarra Shimaya Cracker Inspector V
PixyWarrior Ellecon RasSine Crack Inspector VII
Duilius ArtJay Ator Askulf Asena Boerue
Ashley Parisi Sir Tikon Guinarius Black
Elisia Direnna Domusk Endashi Aetheoddry
Art Urban Darth Terona Mgaati en Daire
Phexar Fireforce Kargioles Sunn Tzuu
Kargin Mezer Matthew O’Hearn Denna Amelana
Teelah barElyon Diziet Lomadriewyn Mr Hellsatano
Trec Sereta Yax Yalrar Galnir Haralgeir
Amara Ninhursag Alex Okobnor Rist Ozuwara
willacide Nakiskodo Vey Mayaki
Urban Merchant Jita Taras Distel BudGger
Vinjivas Katelo Stitch Kaneland Paddy Concannon
railo havic Parmala Naskingar Eginald
Naava Edios Hakshi Yvormes Altaen
willgrind Glitch Rebellion Tir Quas
Zurutul Narazim Henrayyyyy Andven Tygarin Kvazovsky
Lori Catarina Dark Queen lll Tig Quat
Sara Valkyier Thomas Calvaro Coldy Dogfish
Sileto Valkyier General Stargazer Tisario
Onslaughtor Aisling Calvarion Madnis One
ZED-31BRAVO Walter Islands Misario
Mr Tingla Jamal Frederick Sho Menao
Hist Onis Carcass Eater kreig Amelana
Aldo Jackson weiyu Dhinakar
Hiak Yanumano Elrinarie NJay Z
souffle cake Leto Freedom Finian Engle
Sven Bauer Mikey FAT Blaze Haught
Sir Pekan Chung OLDdeDd Synn Oriki
Lily Red Special AI Rey Rush
Sacul Nalelmir Defense fleet Amarr Thosakki Kalkoken
Dangerstar Jayrat Grand Moff Helion GraysPrays
Gelf Smitty Uitra Mark Fjord
HalinaCD Orkost Orlais Placide Renaria Bererund
mudders CDLoon Phelan K’ell
Newbie Friendly Gamer Shemham Phorash Kalli Oriki
AramelSpellmaker Kimik Antollare Lynn Dacer
Patrick Makanen sky1987 Khaprice
Suki Vokkonen Gallent 0 Crai Hakaari
Epsilonrook Jaycen Sheridan Marek Doe
Rastaline Jakob Harrashan Mary Aivoras
Ku HiYara Alen Asques Mila Makey
Ibn Khatab Kibric DisasterKuz
Xopyc Anu brother noro Waldonisss
Vadania Danann Nalda Maji Umangiar Roper Gxos
Thanos30212 Blackk Magiikk Mulatto
Vadania Vokkonen Aldo of Taskforce Frost XVII
ironman30212 Ya Echo Elle Mendez
Misairu Yokone SOVEREIGN 09 Cassandra Frazier
Zurion Issir Titanium Pink jim Karl
Antony Parker BEETHOVENSMITH Ganasyu
Spartaci Trevton Thadius Faran
Aoife Izia Miku Rees Pierien Saissore
Nuke Blast Czar Infamous sergmonster1224
Sicnarf Kotreb Moonhuntress Jabar Scarab
Kirill Dif Keah Ahkana Mzuka
Woodroffe Malcom Reynoldss Czajnol Kopara
marin marinere niroshido Tabitha Boirelle
Guier Rollard Frank Casstle Cuitlahac
Himalayaa Falcor Khora Gevala
Endo Amatin Zeronom Juliette Briscou
Andy Byrr Sierra Laduko Remilia Malitia
OAJ Riku Rees Dark Shines
Miras Muske Salartarium Ralt Gaithar
El Profii Rachel Lehcar Unctom
Ollec Utama Wes S Rintaro Okabe
Sebastian Zola cd3v Arhont Sibirskii
Oleksandr Hemah Rudy McRood elitri2
Xavier Bragish Koraka Agric MorucK
Eleanor Yvormes Dread Jorvik Threv Echandari
McVilian Ozuwara Beldrulf Ituin Crulich Buka
varuhait eldersha Iera Direnna Abrek Abrekovi4
She Who Endures Elsa Portois Micky Nox
Jagdpanther Tiger kjkgf DutchGunner
Tantizil Sova razernc Ludwig Pfyffer
Commander Rust Debes Sparre Vuidazo Andven
Mulnic Ayvhoz Destloli Jennifer Jovakko
Kentar Sterling Rahne Chocolate Friend of Wisdom
Isani’a Aleksander Nevski Geren Basbar
Mikka Wind Rebel Alpha Ackbad Pappotte
EveryNoobs Maverick Hyperionus Iapetorii Alegni South
Valyren Oriki Loco Udan wuhuoyuhui
Cris Tan Chuckwalla Luhen Ostus
Guali Thellere FireStarter RU x1SHOTx3KILLSx
Frofr PLlskln

Medals will be delivered as soon as possible, likely next week.

Thank you once again for participating in the wargame and we hope you are enjoying Frontlines on Tranquility!


@CCP_Convict i had several other alts participate, but they dont even show up under Tier 3 medal

is that normal?

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I also participated in the wargames for the Red team on Sisi and I am not on the list, not even for the tier 3 medal.
Did something went wrong, or is this intended?

@CCP_Convict I’m pretty sure that I should have gotten at least 10 million LP from plexes for the sisi wargames. I should have also gotten the top amount out of all the characters in my corporation, and this can be confirmed by my corpmates. Therefore, I should be on the top 10 list for Amarr as well as the tier 1 list.

Could you please ask the analytics team to check out my contributions on my character “Alen Asques” and fix this issue? I have some screenshots of my LP during the event if you require it.

@Urban_Merchant @Nessi_Narana Ok let me look into this.

@Alen_Asques I’ll DM you to get a look at your screenshot.

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my main mr tingla i was using was focusing on lp gain and made like 10 mil… didnt make top ten… confused.