Full Broadside - USTZ Nullsec Small-Gang/Small-Scale PVP




Full Broadside is a primarily small-gang focused corp that used to live in a C2 NSS wormhole in 2016-2018. Over these 2 years we killed nearly 100 caps, got over 10,000 kills and grew to an active member count of about 30. We closed down for a short break, but now we’re back, and switching up the way we play!

What we offer:

  1. Independence from Blues, NIPs, and Bloc Warfare
  • We don’t participate in any form of large-scale coalition/bloc warfare. We won’t ever blue alliances or negotiate NIPs. We like fighting and we don’t shy away when we’re outnumbered.
  1. Experienced Small Gang Pilots
  • Most of our pilots have been flying small-gang (together, usually) for 3 or 4 years. We’ve learned how to fight outnumbered quite well and we enjoy using our skills to have great, engaging fights. Not super experienced but have your feet wet? We’ll help you brush up on your skills, and turn you into a feathering master.
  1. Small-scale Fleet Warfare
  • Not interested in small-gang all the time? That’s cool too! We enjoy participating in small-scale fleet warfare (Think 20v20?) against local alliances and will participate in entosis and structure reinforcing to force fights.
  1. Easy Logistics
  • We stage in direct JF range of Jita, and close enough to run a DST if you need ships. We have a handful of JF pilots who are willing to help you do all the logistics you need.

What we’re looking for:

  1. People active in USTZ or AUTZ (you don’t need to play 24/7, but we expect you to play at least a few hours a week and show up for pings if needed)

  2. Somewhat self-sufficiency ISK wise

  3. A decent knowledge of PVP mechanics and all things that revolve around it

  4. A suitcase capital is nice

  5. 40m+ SP would be nice. It shows you’ve been around long enough to experience the important aspects of the game and probably have some focused skills.

Still interested?

Join ‘Full Broadside Public’ in-game, or join our Discord to learn more!

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