Fully collat loan, 3% / month,2 months,340-345b

(5T1L3TT0) #1

collat will be Vanquisher,located in one of 3 public keepstar,Maila/Basgerin/Aunenen so,u can offer Kinakka as well,np,value of hull = 370b…we can use Elizabeth Norn as collat holder if u want. So u will make a profit 6%.I might to try myself in trading for 1% per day…who knows :smiley: Maybe supercap production…yeah…no risk on supercap production…

(Elizabeth Norn) #2

I wouldn’t be comfortable valuing such a low volume and expensive item so much above build cost. Collateralised loans aren’t meant to have this kind of risk.

These recent sales posts for them aren’t inspiring either.

(5T1L3TT0) #3

price is fair,build value is 365-370b because microproc and minerals + bpc kit is not cheap.I already took loans for 500b total (titans + motherships + fit) Snedige Rekel and Styx Saken ±…usually ppl want to give item value - 10% = 370-37b = 337b is mine … so,it is fair. AT ships are more risky than supercaps

(probag Bear) #4

Then why are you posting this thread off an alt with no posting history? Why not create this thread with your “Vanq Seller” character?

(5T1L3TT0) #5

it is not my toon

(5T1L3TT0) #6

if u don’t want 6% of profit…then it is your choice

(lanyaie) #7

It is not really up to you to determine what the third party will appraise the collateral at…
You are free to use other third parties that would appraise it at 340b.

(5T1L3TT0) #8

we can use any other 3rd party…enorn is popular…chribba is rip

(5T1L3TT0) #9

how much u would offer ? :smiley:

(lanyaie) #10

That sentence heavily implies that I’d be buying this Vanquisher. I wouldn’t be interested in it in any kind of way that wouldn’t be a price I could flip it for quickly.

(5T1L3TT0) #11

oki… :smiley: Still looking for 345b loan…help me with trading and production…

(Vanq Seller) #12

i don’t know this guy.

(Vanq Seller) #13

haha,good luck!

(Elizabeth Norn) #14

AT ship numbers are limited, their prices typically appreciate, and there is no precedence of reducing their cost (the Vehement had its build cost reduced), and in my experience they’re reasonably easy to sell.

This thread looks more like you’re trying to pawn off your Vanquisher that won’t sell though.

(Vanq Seller) #15

anyway he offers 3% per months of value…so smbdy is able to make not bad profit in 2 months

(Vanq Seller) #16

Looks it is impossible to give price to Molok(400),Komodo ( 200) also…as Chemosh,Dagon,Loggerhead…so

(Vanq Seller) #17

no words…yeah,they cost 0 isks probably…as my vanq

(Vanq Seller) #18

I have item value in my post…so idk…really…price…microprocessors?mexallon?prices are raises

(5T1L3TT0) #19

nah,I will wait for guy who wants to make profit

(Elizabeth Norn) #20

If you would like to invest then I would be happy to hold 5T1L3TT0’s collateral. But, in the event of a default you would have to wait for the collateral to be liquidated before I could return your investment.