Fund Raiser for Writing Contest Prizes

For those who remember, I organize a writing contest every year, the
“New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest.” This year’s contest will be announced in March
with a May Deadline for Submissions.

Historically, we’ve tried to offer generous prizes to encourage capsuleers to share
their creativity and their stories! While I’ve received generous donations from Franco
Phonaga (15 billion isk), ARC (2 billion isk), a former winner of the contest Tanagura Amoii (1 billion isk), and Gosakumori Noh (1 billion isk), Dr. Valerie Valate has also sponsored 1 billion isk for the best article in the academic category featuring archaeology or cheese. However, I am far short of our usual prize pool for various reasons.

So! I am holding a Fundraiser Auction and Dinner at “The Golden Masque”, a neutral venue in the Concord Bureau Station in Yulai.

The concept is certain generous souls have donated vacations, trips, ships and even skins
for bid and people can secretly bid by mail in advance of the auction with live bids the day
of the auction. Winners can then schedule (in the case of an ‘event’) or contract for their prizes
after the close of the Auction with the Donors directly. I am sure most of the Donors would allow a plus one with respect to any ‘events’ but confirm with the Donor.

If people are interested in donating, contact me, and I will add you to the list below.

If people are interested in pre-bidding, please mail me your bid. All items start at 25 million isk.

Where: “The Golden Masque”
When: Sunday, February 21, YC 123, NEST 19:00
Additional Details re: the Golden Masque

Auction List
Donor: Item:

  • Lord Garion Avarr; Three Dance Lessons (one hour each)

  • Lord Arash Avarr: Vacation package including a tour of his estate grounds, falconry
    excursion, horseback ride, and overnight stay at a village in the nearby Denali mountains.

  • Lightning Lemmont: Quafe sponsored stay in Intaki at one of the Hanalua Oceanside
    Bungalows, midweek or a weekend.
    With free use of facilities and shorelines around the Hanalua Surfing
    Sanctuary and a trip with Lightning Lemmont at their Yacht. Surfing lessons are provided!

  • Lasairiona Raske: A full spa treatment, dinner, and an overnight stay at L’Amore in Ballo.

  • Lunarisse Aspenstar: Overnight at the Kor-Azor Mountains Ski Resort.

  • Lunarisse Aspenstar: Private Tour of Lunarisse’s Gardens of the Empire (presented publicly at
    The New Eden Fair, a few years ago).

  • Yvane Aselin-Duvaul: “Be the best you!” private consultation with Yvane Aselin-Duvaul,
    CEO of Divinely Social, LLC. A head to toe review of what’s hot and what’s not in todays social marketplace
    personalized just for you.


  • Lunarisse Aspenstar Magnate Tash-Murkon SKIN
  • Lunarisse Aspenstar Magnate Sarum SKIN
  • Lunarisse Aspenstar Apocalypse Khanid SKIN
  • Lunarisse Aspenstar Omen Kador SKIN
  • Ithi Deritan - Flycatcher (fully fit)
  • Ithi Deritan - Astero (unfit)
  • Ithi Deritan - Kikimora (unfit)
  • Silas Moliko - A Case of His Unique Liquor: Inspired Sunshine ((rp ‘virtual item’))
  • Lauralite Delilah Brezia - Imperial Navy Slicer Sarum SKIN
  • Lauralite Delilah Brezia - Armageddon Navy Issue Sarum SKIN
  • Clementine Lafleur - Spirit Collection - Cruiser: Augoror Navy Issue Spirit SKIN, Caracal Navy Issue Spirit SKIN, Stabber Fleet Issue Spirit SKIN, Caracal Spirit SKIN, Stabber Spirit SKIN, Thorax Spirit SKIN, Vexor Spirit SKIN
  • Clementine Lafleur - Spirit Collection - Battleship/Battlecruiser: Dominix Spirit SKIN, Scorpion Navy Issue Spirit SKIN, Armageddon Navy Issue Spirit SKIN, Brutix Spirit SKIN
  • Clementine Lafleur - Spirit Collection - Frigate: Dramiel Spirit SKIN, Maulus Spirit SKIN
  • Clementine Lafleur - Spirit Collection - Misc: Arazu Spirit SKIN, Miasmos Spirit SKIN, Stabber Spirit SKIN, Naglfar Spirit SKIN
  • Clementine Lafleur - -Spirit Collection -Misc: Cynabal Spirit SKIN, Deimos Spirit SKIN, Imicus Spirit SKIN and Obelisk Spirit SKIN
  • Clementine Lafleur - -Spirit Collection - Misc: Nidhoggur Spirit SKIN, Revelation Spirit SKIN, Talos Spirit SKIN, Naglfar Spirit SKIN
  • Clementine Lafleur - Tornado Amaranthine Mantle SKIN and Talos Amaranthine Mantle SKIN

Oh how dreadful.

If this year’s thing is going to be the same kind of format as previously, I would be willing to sponsor a prize of up to 1 billion ISK, in the acadenic category, for the best article featuring archaeology or cheese.

Naturally I’d be ineligible to win my own prize, should I enter anything relevant this time around.

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Sure. I’ll accept that donation. Thank you.

I mentioned the contest and my donation in the Summit yesterday, and well, I suspect that a couple people might be considering writing something along the lines of the archaeology of cheese in the Gallente Federation.


How did the saying go? “Up with this sort of thing?”

So you did not tell them your prize was for the best article featuring archeology or cheese?

Or is tyranny.

Updated with lots of new items!

As a reminder, you DO NOT need to attend to bid! Pre-bids can done via mail to Lunarisse Aspenstar on your neocomm.

Updated with some new items.
Some bids have been placed, feel free to pre bid if you want to help support the writing contest this year!

today’s the day!

Doors are now open! Auction will begin shortly.

The auction was a rousing success! Prizes will be contracted in the next 72 hours, or in the case of events and services, introduction mails to be sent in the next 72 hours. The total take was approximately 9.5 billion isk.

I thank the donors, the bidders, and everyone else who came or offered support!!


Those who were there may remember that I bid 100 million ISKs on a Kikimora with the stated purpose to reprocess it. I intend to make good on that claim so without further ado, please accept the attached evidence as proof that this was indeed carried out and remember All Kikis must Die.




No ship is a match for the power of the Reprocessing Plant.

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