YC 124: Fund Raiser for Writing Contest Prizes

For those who remember, I organize a writing contest every year, the “New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest.” It is open to all capsuleers regardless of faction or allegiance. This year’s contest will be announced in March with a May Deadline for Submissions.

Historically, we’ve tried to offer generous prizes to encourage all capsuleers to share their creativity and their stories! While I’ve already received generous donations from Franco Phonaga and Clementine Lafleur, One Billion isk from ARC, Two Billion isk from Lady Karmilla Kor-Anashtih, Two Billion ISK from Sahara Jackal and 12.5 billion isk from Jinari Otsito. We also have 10 billion isk from Lauralite Anne Brezia to be split between academic and news categories as a special prize.

So! Since it worked well last year, I am holding a Fundraiser Auction and Dinner in Nasreri (close to Sanctum Constellation) at a new facility called “The Hall of Songs.” It is a neutral venue located in one of the stations in that system.

The concept is certain generous souls have donated vacations, trips, ships and even skins for bid and people can secretly bid by mail in advance of the auction with live bids the day of the auction. Winners can then schedule (in the case of an ‘event’) or contract for their prizes after the close of the Auction with the Donors directly. I am sure most of the Donors would allow a plus one with respect to any ‘events’ but confirm with the Donor.

If people are interested in donating, contact me, and I will add you to the list below.

If people are interested in pre-bidding, please mail me your bid. All items start at 25 million isk.

Where: "Hall of Songs - Yeshetu Neel Hubrana " in the Nasreri system
When: Sunday, February 13th, YC 124, NEST 19:00

(I reserve the right to tweak date/time based on interest)



  1. Donated by Julian Flavours: “A tour of Cupid’s Cumulus and a candle lit dinner with yours truly, where they can ask me anything, nothing off the table.”

  2. Donated by Lord Utari Onzo-Gallius: A horse ride around the Asham Azor barony, with afternoon tea picnic. This includes a plus one in addition to the auction winner.

  3. Donated by Lady Consort Kailen Heleneto-Gallius: A weekend stay at one of the largest Khaldari Enclaves in the Kingdom on Khanid Prime. A guided tour of the central city district, luncheon and stay at a luxury hotel are on offer, along with optional extra activities. This includes a plus one in addition to the auction winner. ((Basically the option for a quick tour and date, or a multi-scene RP for those that want to deep dive into exploring the place))

  4. Donated by the Mannar artist Saccade Armir: " im paint u and your house"

“Ship Skins”

  1. Donated by Julian Flavours: Stratios Scope Syndication YC122 SKIN

  2. Donated by Friar Theodosius Savnar: A dozen superior flow cytometry reward crates, with 2 bioresponders security skins each (so, 24 skins). They could be for any vessel - from a crappy shuttle to a majestic Titan. Try your luck!

  3. Donated by Mishi Trade Combine: Imperial Lavacore Redeemer SKIN

  4. Donated by Drabar Corinne: Vedmak Metamateria Exotica SKIN

  5. Donated by Drabar Corinne: Punisher Chromodynamic Candy SKIN

  6. Donated by Bill Cypher: Pacifier DED ‘Master-at-Arms’ Recruiter SKIN with a Pacifier BPC.

  7. Donated by Maria Daphiti - Dominix Interstellar Convergence SKIN

  8. Donated by Val en Thielles - Hecate Caille Neon SKIN* , Rattlesnake Redclaw Sable SKIN* , Orthrus Redclaw Sable SKIN*

  9. Donated by Elsebeth Rhiannon - Guardian Eden’s Hunters SKIN

  10. Donated by Elsebeth Rhiannon - Leshak Eden’s Hunters SKIN


  1. Donated by Sahara Jackal - 1500 Plex!

  2. Donated by Lauralite Anne Brezia - 1400 Plex!


  1. Donated by Tsuneshi Ryuzouji : Men’s State Commander’s Dress Jacket and Men’s State Commander’s Dress Pants

Always happy to help or donate. :slight_smile:

Updated for first two donations. Keep an eye on the OP as we get closer!

im paint u and your house


Updated to reflect donations from artists and personalities and the ‘Queen of Hell’ herself, Saccade Amir and Julian Flavours and Sahara Jackal, respectively!


Is this for Donations for Prizes for the Writing Contest ?

Or Things to be Auctioned, to raise Money to be used as Prizes ?


To be auctioned to raise isk for prizes.

Oh. For the actual prizes, I’ll hustle up some isk. Probably for things like best chase featuring giant udorian land snails or something equally amusing.

Updated to add some new items for the charity auction

Just sent you a mail. Look forward to participating this year.


Updated to add some new items for the charity auction. Looking forward to seeing people next week!


Updated to add location! “Hall of Songs - Yeshetu Neel Hubrana” in the Nasreri system.


Updated to add some new items for the charity auction. It’s in… 5 days!


Last reminder! Auction is tomorrow!

Where: "Hall of Songs - Yeshetu Neel Hubrana " in the Nasreri system
When: Sunday, February 13th, YC 124, NEST 19:00


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