Funny idea

What if, as a joke, they added the real-world Space Shuttle, to-scale, as a flyable ship?

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does it blow up in a massive explosion ?

Maybe? grumbles about stupid O-rings in the cold

ah like the chandelier, sure why not ?

I meant just the orbiter, though, because we have other shuttles, so why not the Space Shuttle…

You have given me several related ideas that have probably been suggested before.

The new flyable shuttle would be a new ganking ship. Its only purpose is to explode on contact with other ships, ie during a good bump. Caveat is that it would have a random chance of exploding during warps. The capsule inside the shuttle would not explode, so that it could fly into another suicide shuttle.

Then I figured, hey, let’s have some shuttle drones that serve the same purpose. Sometimes they’ll careen slowly to the target to explode on contact, other times they will veer off course and suddenly explode for no good reason.

I would enjoy a silly, yet deadly weapon in EvE. Feel free to suggest some silly weapons I might not know of. Nereus comes to mind, but could a Primae be just as scary? That thing should be the new kamikaze ship.

Suicide/kamikaze ships are still a better way to introduce waste into the economy than “residue.” At least every new EvE idea can say that.


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