Fuzzworks API in Nullsec

I’ve been enjoying using the fuzzwork API for highsec regions: NPC stations and citadels.

I’ve noticed all nullsec regions return all 0s (presumably because there is no public access to the null block citadels).

However I noticed that the evemarketer web front end can return price history for those regions, if not live orders. Is there a fuzzworks API call that will return price history for private nullsec regions too?

PS - I’ve used the evemarketer API as well, but I’ve found it far too unreliable. Some days it will only return ~ 10% of the calls in my spreadsheet.


Price history is available directly from ccp. Just on a item by item, region by region basis.

Im not doing anything with that data. (Mostly because its a pita to get everything. Like 75k requests)

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