FW Intel office

Its a system wide reactive armor & shield hardener but only works for faction npcs -Friendly players can warp to it and see what the current resistance bonuses are and maybe use it to their advantage (or give the info to the enemy). Maybe only higher ranks should be allowed to see the current resistance bonuses. Maybe higher ranked/decorated friendly players can warp to it and get details like the enemy ship and the player name of anyone that has been plexing in the system recently :+1:

The idea was to also make it react damage type they deal but that is a bit more complicated since for example hybrid turrets only deal Kin/Therm so you would need to introduce new NPCs that used missiles in order to do explosive or em damage. For some reason all factions have missile boats, but for example lasers are something that are reserved for Amarr. But thats besides the point. Im not sure it should be changed btw.

So basically if faction NPCs are mostly killed with EM/Thermal the Intel Office will shift their resistances into those categories over time. When the intel office is destroyed the faction NPCs will spawn with base resistances only again across the system and it will drop β€œIntel”. This can be turned into LP somewhere. Or sold on the market. It doesent do anything else.

Adaptive resistances for NPCs in plexes means people who are plexing may be forced to change their strategies and fits or be more picky about the system they plexbecause NPCs will gain resistance toward the most commonly used damage type in the system. It also means a BF is harder to take if the Intel Office is up. The Intel office should have a respawn time, a HP value, all this stuff+more That needs to be fleshed out.

Last but not least I wonder if this idea would have any unintended consequences like only making missiles and projectile turrets viable due to having the most flexible damage types or maybe something even worse

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