FW standing hit for logi

I think it would be good if logi ships that aid non FW capsuleer (not part of militia) to kill one of theire own militia would be punished with a standing loss. And is there some good reason why logi ships are not present on killmails?

I’d be fine with a penalty for healing somebody attacking same faction.

Logi on killmails has been a request for more than a decade and a half. The technical issues are significant enough that they don’t feel like the effort is worth it.

More of, the technical competence of the people that would attempt the change is simply not there.

Take, for example, abyssal modules on killmails, or assets sent to stupid-safety/destroyed/RELEASED in structure killmails

So many of the new things that have been added…simply do not work with the current kill mail system. Which is a shame.

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