Galactic Space Police Brotherhood [FLCL3] Now Recruiting! Apply within or ingame

Galactic Space Police Brotherhood aka The Fraternity has now come to New Eden! We are here to put a stop to Medical Mechanica as they are trying to iron out the wrinkles in our brains and flatten planets! If you are a fan of FLCL (Fooley Cooley) or anime in general, then you are welcome to join.

We will be starting out in High/Low Sec space for now as we will be a small Corporation. As I myself am still an Alpha Clone, I can’t grow my corp over 20 members. If you want to join, and are an Omega Clone and have the right skills, then you may have the oportunity to be promoted to CEO so we can grow the corp further. Until then we will stay small until I can find a trustworthy capsuleer.

We will be mainly doing PvE focused gameplay, but not limited to PvE. This is a friendly social corp. We can fleet up for mining, mission running, do research, industry, ratting etc. Eventually, I would like to have us become bounty hunters in Low Sec as we are a police brotherhood.

Message me in game, or look for my advert and apply if you are interested!

Right now the HQ is at the newbie starting system for Caldari, but I will move that once I can rent an office in Hek as that will be our home and staging system.

We are still recruiting any fans of FLCL or Anime and Pop Culture in general. Search FLCL3 in the Corporate Advert search and apply in game or Message me in game for an invite.

Just a reminder, Galactic Space Police Force [FLCL3] is still recruiting any fans of FLCL and anime in general! Just send me a message in game for an invite.

Just to update this thread, we are still looking for new members! We are a small corp looking to do anything in high or low sec. I would like to build up a small fleet to roam low sec to look for wanted criminals and be bounty hunters! If you are interested, leave a reply or or message either me or Charles Trippy in game.

Fooly Cooly Alternative is coming up in about a month and a half on Toonami/Adult Swim/Cartoon Network at 11:30 or mid night, not sure. Be sure to tune in for that!

We are still looking for new recruits for Galactic Space Police Brotherhood! Everyone is welcome to join, but primarily looking for fans of FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and anime in general. First couple of recruits get recruiter status and will move up in the corp quickly. Message me or @Charles_Trippy in game for more information and search for our ad with [FLCL3].

Fly Safe!


We are still looking for new recruits! Message either me or Charles Trippy in game for an invite! We look forward to seeing you in game! o7

Fly Safe!

Just got a few new faces into the corp, things are going well. We are still growing and looking for fresh faces to join us for what ever it is you are looking to do! Message me or Charles Trippy in game or look for our ticker [FLCL3] in the corp search and apply today!

We just joined an Alliance, so now we are growing nicely. Still looking for new players to join us! Message me or Charles Trippy ingame for an invite.

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