[GALFED] <BLDZ> An Announcement of Military Action

Good day inhabitants of New Eden.

We have hurtled into a new world, not of our own design, but that of the Deathless.

We see now a vast machination brought to fruition. Zarzakh. The Fulcrum. Thousands of years of Jovian technology laying at the fingertips of criminals.

It is time to rise and meet this challenge on all fronts. To stand up for Liberty.

I am hereby announcing the creation and activation of the Blades of Liberty, a military corporation with the purpose of destroying any and all that would perpetuate tyranny and oppression in New Eden.

We see tyranny in many shapes and forms. The Tyranny of ignorance, of hate, of prejudice. Tyranny of thoughts and ideas. Tyranny of incompetence and complacency.

Certain parties within the highest levels of the Federal Union of Gallente Prime have withheld critical information from those that would support it. CONCORD and the DED have done nothing to curtail this rising crisis. The other empires are licking their lips at the thought of plundering impossible to comprehend horrors from the depths of this “Fulcrum” station.

While we have not yet been told of the full details of all of these troubling events, I can no longer stand by and wait for some other group, or organization, or government, to stand up and answer the call for action. We must all do what we feel is right. We must act and take charge of our destiny, and bring whatever good we can to this dark universe.

Freedom is not an option.

It is a core principal of the natural universe.

The plans of ill-designing people have set in motion the possible upsetting of this natural law and tilted our future into a dark and chaotic place.

Stand with us. Take up the sword. Cut down those that would take our futures hostage.

Fly with the Blades.


Wow are you ever going to be busy.

… Ah, could you expand a bit on which thoughts and ideas you plan on destroying people for having? Also … complacency? That … seems more like something that punishes itself than calling for a specific war against it.

Pretty sure someone comprehended them if they’re being salvaged from a station. Even a Jovian one.

All in all this initiative feels a little … um. Overheated, Mr. Soter.

Like I keep expecting to see scalding water and maybe some fugitive noodles come frothing out from under your beret.

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The Tyranny of the Majority!

It really isn’t. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but predators don’t concern themselves with the rights of the prey. Megaherbivores tend not to care about whether they’re oppressing smaller critters who might be trampled underfoot, or have their homes destroyed. Solar flares give not one single bit of deference to ‘am I about to scorch half a populated planet?’

The natural universe is a dark, uncaring place, and it will kill you without one moment’s concern for whether you’re being oppressed or your rights trampled on.


When I read of this new Jovian horror, my first thought™ was “Who will save us from the Elder Meme Worms™ aboard this relic station ?”

I, for one, am greatly relieved to know that former presidential candidate and noted™ war hero Luminaire General Julianus Soter is not going to sit on his hands and let these eldritch horrors™ spread unchecked.

As is Written™: “Thou shalt not suffer a meme worm to exist”

Good hunting, General.

While I can think of closer and more pressing threats to freedom, I think I’m going to avoid letting that be an enemy of ‘worthwhile enough’. While there’s nothing ‘natural’ about the state of freedom as such, any more than all sorts of other abstracts we’ve made up as a species, you certainly are correct in that it is a non-negotiable right of all.

While I suspect you’re going to find yourself drowning in nitpickery, nay-saying for the sake of nay-saying, desperate attempts to justify their own failures by pretending they’re to be expected and all sorts of other reasons to not act for what is right…

… you are one of those few who I suspect have the wherewithal to ignore such and forge ahead nonetheless.

Fly free and dangerously in those alien skies, Soter, with whatever spirits your kin can conjure at your back. Your targets are worthy, your cause is legitimate and your intent is admirable. Even if some here will always try to tear down attempts at… let’s call it noble endeavor.

While it should matter very little to you, I will be watching this with interest.


Freedom is not an option indeed.
Freedom is a crime. And we’re gonna chase and run down every freedom-obsessed cultist, fanatic and terrorist.

Freedom itself is what only criminal minds want. How one shall be degraded to complain about criminality on one hand and wishing freedom on the other? After all, criminality is all about getting more freedom to commit said crimes.

Criminal and degrading? Sounds kinky, let me get my fuzzy handcuffs.

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Oh, yes. Time to stand up for liberty! And by that, you mean “liberating” things that don’t belong to you. “Liberating” other people’s property, AFTER you call them a threat to your freedom.

Gallente liberty is authoritarianism with an identity crisis. For all the faults the Empire has (And there are many), at least they’re open about their ideas of cultural domination. Yeah, here’s hoping your real goal, to get your hands on that tech, falls through.

Freedom, is found in discipline. It is not a crime.

Freedom which creates anarchy, originating from undisciplined individuals, is a crime.