Gallente Concerns Relating to a 100% increase in Gurista Forward Operating Bases Appearing Throughout Gallente Core Systems

Luminaire, Essence - What began as random reports of Capsuleers claiming to have been seeing an increase in the number of Gurista Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), since December, YC 124, has now turned into a full-blown seeding throughout Gallente space. Normally, according to the DED, Gurista pirates operate as far as Caldari space from their home territory in the Venal Region; with some crossing over into Gallente border systems. However, these uncorroborated reports have now grown in scale with reported sightings deep into Gallente space, with one confirmed sighting in the system of Allebin, and two confirmed in the Arant system, the percentage of Gurista FOBs has increased from 50% along the Caldari-Gallente border to 100% deep inside Gallente space. The DED logs these reports but cannot explain the reason for the sudden explosion of reported Gurista FOB sightings outside of their known hunting grounds. Capsuleer Captain, Scorpion Six, commander of the 120th Forward Operating Base Attack Squadron (aka “Jester’s Bashers”) has claimed almost twenty confirmed kills of Gurista FOBs by his unit. No known factor has been determined to explain why the Guristas are expanding into territory claimed by both the Gallente and the Serpentis Corporation - another known league of pirates, drug dealers, and extorters that operate within Gallente space.


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