Increased Sightings of Gurista Pirate Bases

Luminaire, Essence - Since January, YC 125, there have been numerous reports by Capsuleers patrolling and passing through the core Gallente systems detailing an increased number of sightings of Gurista Pirate Forwards Operating Bases (FOBs) well away from their traditional territory in Caldari Space. As of yet, no one seems to know the reason for the increased sightings or why these FOBs are appearing in Gallente space. Queries made to the DED have been met with silence and it seems like the Gurista Pirate Nation is bringing more resources to bear on targeting systems in Gallente space. The Federation Naval Command (FedCom) appears to be allowing these FOBs to be taken out and handled by local forces and Corporations.

Scorpion Six, Fleet Commander for the 120th FOB Attack Fleet (aka “Jester’s Bashers”) stated that the increase is “abnormal and unsettling, the number of (Forward Operating Bases) them operating outside of their traditional systems in Caldari space may be an aftershock of the events we’ve seen with the major empires shifting resources over the past few months or may be due to something more ominous, forcing them to move deeper into Federation space.” It remains to be seen what this shift in dynamics means for those people living and working in Gallente space, but groups like the 120th are increasing patrols and scouting missions to try and push back against this growing tide of invading pirates operating within Federation territory.

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