Gallente side of shadow wars thing

I’m curious as to what the Gallente need to do for the campaign. I’m still kicking around who to join. Could anyone please fill me in?

Open the Agency tab in game. You can navigate to the Shadow Wars page and it will tell what each alliance needs.

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Probably the usual: spending time in Pleasure Hubs and consuming lots of Boosters. :wink:

Take the Amarr/Minmatar and add it to the Caldari’s needs and boom, you have what the Gallente need to do. Seriously though, Gallente have the most content atm and are not limited to where they can go.

If that’s the case, then they’ll need to figure out this whole shadow war thing for themselves, because I already have a pleasure hub at home:

I could have sworn you said “Pleasure Hub…” But that looks like a freakin Nightmare in brightly colored crayon.

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That is actually quite disturbing.


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