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I am a former CalMil PvP pilot that now does PvP in Null/Low. I was wondering. Since GalMil has so many more people. The price of Comets and Maulus Navy Issues are extremely low at around 10-14mil a piece, while the Hookbill and Griffin Navy Issue have staggering 15-20+mil prices. This happens because way more loyalty points are coming from Galmil than Calmil. The growing amount of people in Galmil is making even less Calmil LP because they are getting way overpowered. The PvP for Calmil has gone down in quality, because most of the Galmil people roam in gangs, that was one main reasons people leave calmil. I am sure I’m not the only person to have done this. So, this basically means that Calmil is drying up. the prices of navy caldari ships and modules are skyrocketing. Is there a way to fix this? I personally think that both galmil and calmil should be around equal in power. I don’t want to sound like I am whining to CCP. But currently those Caldari ships are leaving the scene because there are cheaper alternatives. eventually. Black Rise will be completely galmil along with everything else in the FW lowsec for calmil vs galmil. I feel that this is a big issue for pvp, because these navy ships are mainly used for pvp. Should CCP address this and maybe change FW, not step into the actual fight, but mechanics? Or do you think that the LP to ISK price for calmil will cause people to join calmil for the money and eventually pvp? People say that Calmil is doing fine, but I feel like they aren’t looking at systems controlled or their tier compared to galmil… This is why they should make some change(s) to how the FW system works.

Thanks for your time


…it’s a warzone, friend. There’s no reason for CCP to step in and try to maintain any sort of balance of power. There is definitely no reason for them to step in and screw with the economy just because one side of FW is performing poorly. That’s a short-sighted approach that impacts the gameplay of manufacturers and traders. If people want cheaper Caldari LP ships, they should contribute to the damn war effort.


Jumping ship when the going gets tough also won’t help the prices :wink: Get back at it and take a fleet with you!

News flash- Cal mil in tier 3 so the main idea of your thread is way off base :stuck_out_tongue:

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@JonahVark hat is a good point, I think the issue is that we couldn’t get enough people in a fleet to come close to fighting a galmil fleet. But that is a good point. I think people will rejoin as they see the price go up because they think they will make a lot. But we also remember that this is a game and people want to have fun.

@Drigo_Segvian The last time i checked, calmil was tier 1, and galmil was tier 3, unless something has changed.

@Quelza That’s true, but we have to remember that it is a game, and people will simply use different ships, people don’t feel like investing time into trying to get the price down, and the people who do, like me, there were not enough of them. Also, people choose galmil over calmil because they are seen as the “good guys” of the two. This means that more new players are going to galmil. So even though it is a warzone. It is still a game. But I agree that they shouldn’t step in the middle of the conflicts, but they should change how FW works to allow the smaller group to have a chance. People want to have fun because it is a game, they don’t want to do “chores” to get the ships cheaper, that is most people anyways.

If you want to fly Hookbills just get the blueprints, and make the ships. That way when you decide to sell them they will be worth more then my Comets.

Honestly though this seems like a post about an entirely different warzone because the Caldari are doing just fine.

Before I chop this post up into points and refute them all, I think you @Jason_Flamerad need to take a look around the current warzone. You are misinformed either by the scope of your experience in the warzone, or in the goal you are trying to achieve.

@Tristan_Valentina If you are aware of how the LP system works, you cannot get bpos of any navy ship/item. Also, the caldari might be “fine”, but the lack of systems they control makes it easy to tell that they aren’t.

I said nothing about BPOs you can certainly get BPCs and with a good week of work actually doing the things that give reward it is quite easy to have hundreds of these Frigates. that would seem like quite a nice division actually there is quite a nice spread of who owns what. What are they lacking? You sort of hint to the idea that they are missing something what is it that they are missing?

Ok well time to cut it up. “Former CalMil PvP Pilot.” So we kicked your ass to many times and you decided to shoot your old allies? Love Shooting BLOC myself so no hate here from me way to make the right choice!

5 Million dollar increase in the Hull price of the Caldari FW Frigates over the Gallente ones this seems to be the crux of your argument. Obviously my above jesting is purely that so lets get down to this. Your noticed price is low for a comet based on Jita priceing 15,188,881.46 ISK is the Min for the cost of one. On the Hookbill the min in Jita is 13,999,999.57 ISK but it does seem to deviate higher so your low end pricing is probably appropriate. Now obviously these numbers are coming from Jita, and I I can see an argument for that location inflating the cost of the Comet but I believe that would be easily addressed with its deviance. Talking about the EWAR frigates you see how much more useful the Griffin is over the Maulus and that is about it. ECM has more places then a slightly more powerful Scrambler. Again though your perceived numbers do not support the information on the market. Now there is certainly an argument for adjusting the LP to isk ratio of other items to make the Caldari ships more lucrative for the LP transaction but honestly that is a minute change that I don’t see having a vast difference on the actual real outcomes of such a system.

Now your next point with the Comet taking popularity over the Hookbill. Pilots choosing to fly the Comet over the Hookbill. This is a very interesting problem and finding an answer to it was a bit of work. You are certainly right more people fly the Comet, and it wins more often. I dont think I have access to data that can say more then that but if it is found I would be extremely interested. So the Comet wins more often this is EVE so I would personally say this is why it is flown more. The Comet probably gets in more fights and is more engageable based on it has much less ewar and range control possibilities. This translates into more fights, and I think its high DPS to Tank ratio (with what is actually quite a high Tank) means that it wins more in the fights its decides to take. It is also nice for Solo PVP to ride the button in a plex to catch the kiting Hookbills.

Should CCP fix this. Probably not no two ships in EVE are the same so the Hookbill and the Comet should not be used in even numbers. Caldari get to turn there LP into more profitable ammo types.

That is about all I have on this. You are whining to CCP based on your personal biases of experience without any facts.

You close with the idea that people join Fac War for eventual PvP. This would mean that people at first join Fac War for the money. I would love to see facts on this as I have never seen anyne make that transition.

Thanks for your time.

I will agree, the ass kicking was hard given it was always a 5 to 1 @Tristan_Valentina, but props for that and good for you. I find it odd that the prices are so low for the ships? usually when i buy a fit the price of them are FAR higher… anyhow, thank you for that essay :wink:

You are wrong. Totaly. 31735 members of cal mil vs 31569 members in gal mil as it is now. And do not forget, that most of active gal mil left to dig clouds in null …

@Jason_Flamerad How long ago was that. Cal mil is t3

WOW you are right, things have changed a lot since I was there, I should delete the topic lol… but I don’t think I can.

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