What happened to Galmil?

Since the day CCP took off OGBs, basically 90% of Galmil’s “Elite” solo and small gang pilots stopped playing (I checked on KBs)…
That is a shame, because BlackRise could really need those pilots back, that is, if they can fight without OGBs.

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Ogb was taken away a while ago. You’re just noticing now?

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I miss OGB. They should bring that back.

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what are OGBs?

Calmil is dead so no reason to be active in the warzone on an alliance or militia level anymore. Solo and Small Gang still happens on a frequent basis.

The two most active Galmil groups are both in Nullsec now, and one of them, Federation Uprising, which is the largest and most active Galmil alliance, is fighting a defensive war against Pen Is Out, Snuffed Out, et al.

Off grid boosting.

Command links used to work system wide. So you could pvp whilst your alt boosted on a station undock completely safe.


I am sure you are the type of person that doesn’t read manuals.

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Must have been a big ass manual if you’ve just finished.

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